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Complex Partial Seizures and Protein Shakes

So, first of all, hello everyone! I'm new here. I'm 22 years old. I've first noticed my CPS when I was 8 and they've continued to be part of my life until I was 16. That's when I've had last seizure. I also had tics, which were presented both with and without CPS. They were happening randomly. 

So, fqst forward to year 21. I was taking 1000mg Depacote and 200mg Lamictal. My doctor decided I should stop taking meds. I got off Lamictal and most Depacote. 

So, we're in present, year 22. I am currently taking 300mg Depacote. Tics are sometimes, very rarely present, but no CPS. I started going to the gym and I would like to take protein shakes. I know there are some ingredients I should avoid, can you tell me which one? 

Thanks in advance! 


hi buddy,i too was diagnosed

hi buddy,i too was diagnosed with seizure during my small ages like you.presently i am taking Epilex Chrono Tablet contains Sodium Valproate, and Valproic Acid as active ingredients.i was free from any incidents for past 3 or 4 years but when ever i took protein or (protein + glutamine + BCAA) , may b a couple of times i could find my condition recurring.One day i was asleep in night after taking my protein+ glut+BCAA. Around 2'O clock in the morning i felt my stomach was upset and i woke up i was about to hit my toilet my full body became numb and was sweating profoundly.i didn't have any control over myself and i full body was stiff like a log of wood and i even urinated involuntarilyi was in a state of complete darkness but somewhere inside me i was still was a terrible feeling.then all of a sudden i will wake up will everything being normal but wiht heavy tiredness and i went back to sleep.i guess whenever i took supplements other than protein or contain traces of other supplements in protein i had experienced the same.i would strongly recommend you to be away from any protein as you need only good  diet and routine in gym for a good body

Yep, same.I think some how

Yep, same.I think some how with the flush of amino acids it breaks the BBB, sending are brains in shock!Last 3 whey protein shakes- seizure within an hour. Same thing also my neurologist look at me like I was half crazy.Here is how it all began.I watched one of the most famous Joe Rogen interviews with Paul Stamets talking about the benefits of medicinal mushrooms psilocybin (magic) to lions mane combined with niacin flush.Being a workout  enthusiast I have drank protein shakes my whole life.Using the same philosophy as the magic mushroom/niacin flush but with whey protein. I took the protein shake and half hour later took the niacin. The idea in my mind was the flush would allow the whey protein after it’s quick digestion and absorption to hit all muscles. This was after a workout within the hour.Stopped having protein, no seizure so I thought ok stop over thinking.Had another protein shake 2 weeks later  - seizure within 20 mins. Third one same thing! 

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