Lemonade for Livy


What started as a neighborhood lemonade stand has grown into a global movement to raise funds and awareness for those living with the challenges of epilepsy and their families. 16-year-old Olivia Scheinman (Livy) is the inspiration behind Lemonade for Livy. Since birth, Livy has been plagued by the damaging effects of epilepsy. She has endured multiple major brain surgeries but the seizures persist.

Livy is not alone. The epilepsies affect 65 million people around the world, including the 3.4 million who live in the U.S. 1 in 26 people in the U.S. will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime. Epilepsy doesn’t discriminate. If you have a brain, you could have a seizure.

Help Make a Stand for yourself, for your loved one, for your friend, or just to help others living with the challenges of epilepsy. Who will you Make a Stand for?

Lemonade for Livy is for all ages and groups. There are many ways to add your own flare to your event! Whether you are hosting an event in your front yard, on your college campus, at a sporting event, or in your corporate office, there is an opportunity for you to be involved!

Register now for Lemonade for Livy!

Every spring, kids, families and adults register to host a lemonade stand to raise awareness for those living with epilepsy.

When you register, you will receive:

  • A fundraising webpage to share the story of why you are participating and collect donations online from people near and far!
  • Access to graphics files and the Guide to Fundraising with tips for success and fundraising ideas.
  • Downloadable Lemonade for Livy Toolkit containing seizure first aid poster and card sized graphics; and, graphics to create and print your own banner that you can display at home, and take selfies in front to share your efforts via social media.
  • Email updates and support to help you have a successful lemonade stand/event!



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