Change Our Epilepsy Story

To address the stigma surrounding epilepsy and encourage people to share their experiences and empower others to seek help.

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Stigma can often steer a person toward silence. But what if we changed our story by sharing our experience with epilepsy and overcoming stigma? 

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Epilepsy and Stigma

Stigma can be the biggest struggle of a person’s epilepsy journey, yet no one is talking about it. Together, we can address the stigma and change our journey.

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How Will You Change Your Epilepsy Story?

People with epilepsy — and their caregivers — often bear the negative attitudes and beliefs surrounding this condition, and they often don’t talk about it as a result. Because no one is talking about epilepsy, the stigma remains. Let’s get everyone to start talking about epilepsy and seizures. Let’s Change Our Epilepsy Story

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Finding My Strength in a Supportive Community

"Epilepsy caused a significant turning point in my life. It all started when I was 13 years old. I had my very first seizure at almost midnight on my little brother's 7th birthday."

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Overcoming the Challenges of Living With Seizures

"I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 12. My first seizure occurred during our family vacation while I was wading in the waves at the beach." 

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Facing Epilepsy with My Community

“Living with musicogenic epilepsy (listening to any type of music causes seizures) has led me to withdraw from many things that brought me joy. It is the toughest challenge I’ve faced in life.”

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My Journey with Epilepsy

“People were a little scared of me, and they told me that I should quit school. They told me I would not get married, and I would not find a good job. I noticed a change in people’s attitudes toward me.” 

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Let’s #ChangeOurEpilepsyStory

To create awareness. 
To encourage education. 
To change the conversation.  
To overcome stigma.