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Seizure after long time

Thu, 05/14/2020 - 18:43
Hi everyone! I'm a 21yo old guy from Romania (well, sorry for my english) At the age of 7 I suffered 3 grand mal seizure at few months distance (all in sleep). I received treatment with phenobarbital, but side effect was worst and then doctor switched to Lamictal 50mg and later dropped to 25mg 3 times a day. Last time in 2010, finally dose was reduced to two doses of 25 mg daily. But this month, on may 9, I have a grand-mal seizure during sleep again. This demoralized me a lot and I want to ask, from now it's possible to have again seizures more worst than in childhood? Before that in the last month I forgot to take the dose of lamictal and I take it irregular and only one instead of two, is it possible to be a cause? Now I will never forget to take dose again, but I want to know if I correct my mistake I will remain good and seizure free again? P:S: Lamictal does not cause me side effects and I feel perfectly normal when I take. I have epilepsy from my father (my father is seizures free now and no longer take medicamentation by long time).


Hi, Thank you for posting. We

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2020-05-15 - 09:28
Hi, Thank you for posting. We understand it can feel very frustrating and upsetting to have a seizure after not having one for several years. Epilepsy and seizures can affect everyone differently and should be evaluated on an individual basis. It’s very important that you continue to take your medications as prescribed by your doctor. it gives you the best chance to achieve the goals of epilepsy therapy: no seizures and no side effects. . However, we understand that managing medications can be challenging for a variety of reasons. You may want to consider documenting every time you miss a dose of medicine by mistake. You can also have electronic reminders, via text or email, sent to you when it's time for a dose of medicine, so you do not forget and if you do have seizure, write down the how you felt. This will allow you to review and compare, with your healthcare team how often you have seizures when adherence is a problem, versus when you are doing well following your schedule. To learn more about our electronic reminders such as My Seizure Diary & Texting 4 Control,  to help you manage your medication visit: We cannot say for certain if you will have any seizures or not in the future, so it’s important that your discussing this with your doctor and any additional concerns you may have. There are many factors that may improve the chance of being seizure free, such as, having a positive response to the first 1 or 2 seizure medications tried, meaning that seizures do not recur and the person is seizure free, a normal neurological exam and EEG, and more: 

Lamictal is extended release

Submitted by atercek on Tue, 2020-06-23 - 23:15
Lamictal is extended release so yes you must not forget to take it. That could cause it.

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