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Denied auto insurance

Tue, 06/09/2020 - 11:01
My daughter went 11 years seizure free.No meds for 9 years. She may have had a seizure that caused an accident last year. The entire family's auto insurance has been denied. The doctor just ok'd her to get her driver's license reinstated. How do we get insurance?


I’m sorry, I wish I had more

Submitted by Patriotrehab on Fri, 2020-06-12 - 15:49
I’m sorry, I wish I had more experience with this type of issue, but I haven’t been driving because of my epilepsy. I tend to be a great problem solver though because of my work as a licensed clinical social worker and certified rehabilitation counselor. I’ve had to navigate through a lot of situations for a lot of clients. Your post is somewhat vague, so I’m unclear about some of the facts. My first thought was to try to apply for the auto insurance without your daughter on the policy and then try to get her some insurance separately, but I’m not sure about how old she is and some other facts that I would have questions about to try to navigate through it all. Perhaps you could try to call the 24/7 helpline. It seems that the Epilepsy Foundation is not responding to the posts because they are planning to shut down the Community Forum and are therefore not offering the resources that they used to do, but if you do call the 24/7 Helpline maybe they can try to get you connected to the legal team or something of that nature? I don’t know. Hope my suggestions helped...they are just ideas that come to mind since I’ve never been in this situation before.

Hi Thanks for your reply. 

Submitted by MamaofEnS on Fri, 2020-06-12 - 21:19
Hi Thanks for your reply.  She is 21 years old.  We had to do what you suggested.  We renewed our policy and took her off.  Now we wait for the DMV to approve her.  Her insurance will be over $200/month if she drives her sister's car.  

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