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We want to create a world without epilepsy. To make this vision a reality, the Epilepsy Foundation supports research that leads to better treatments and care. Learn more about our epilepsy research programs.

Since 2003, we’ve funded nearly half of the therapies in the epilepsy clinical pipeline. We are developing an epilepsy research ecosystem that covers all parts of therapy, from idea to market. Our research initiatives include:

  • Innovation programs that test new ideas and follow new research leads
  • Engagement programs that improve communication between people with epilepsy, their families, advocates, researchers, and investors
  • Digital tools that support research infrastructure
  • Funding that supports young researchers to bring their ideas to life

Through these efforts, we're supporting research towards better treatment by developing the next generation of scientists. We strive for excellence, innovation, and radical thinking to find cures.

About Our Research & Funding

As part of our mission, we make sure the brightest new researchers become involved in epilepsy research. With the help of our partners, our investments in new therapies are bringing better treatments to people living with epilepsy.

Learn more about our research and funding

Epilepsy Innovation Institute (Ei2)

We created an epilepsy research incubator to bring people together in the epilepsy community. The incubator funds new, innovative solutions to diagnose and treat epilepsy.

Learn more about the Epilepsy Innovation Institute

Human Epilepsy Project (HEP)

We started a project to discover biological markers that predict how people with focal seizures respond to treatments. Participants complete seizure diaries, surveys, and in-person visits to collect data and materials over a 3-to-5-year period.

Learn more about the Human Epilepsy Project

Epilepsy Therapy Project

Founded in 2002, this project supports new advancements in epilepsy treatments. This includes our annual Shark Tank Competition, where we award up to $200,000 to scientists and entrepreneurs.

Learn more about the Epilepsy Therapy Project

Targeted Research Programs

Since 2004, we’ve provided initial grant funding for important epilepsy issues that you care about. This includes research towards cannabinoids and Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).

Learn more about our targeted research programs

Rare Epilepsy Network (REN)

Each year, more people get diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy. Because each syndrome population is small, research to unlock answers in treatment is not moving fast enough. We’ve joined forces with over 32 organizations to create the first ever registry for rare epilepsy.

Learn more about the Rare Epilepsy Network

The Epilepsy Learning Healthcare System (ELHS)

Imagine a healthcare system that brings together families, communities, clinicians, researchers, and health system leaders. By learning from each other, we can empower all people with epilepsy to live their highest quality of life. ELHS is a system for how we work together to improve quality of life, seizure control, and seizure freedom.

Learn more about the Epilepsy Learning Healthcare System

Research Roundtable for Epilepsy (RRE)

We started this initiative to fix roadblocks in the research and development of epilepsy treatment. Each roundtable focuses on a single critical issue and allows an in-depth discussion in a pre-competitive space.

Learn more about the Research Roundtable for Epilepsy

Epilepsy Foundation Pipeline Conference

This conference showcases the latest developments in epilepsy innovations. People with epilepsy, healthcare professionals and other members of the epilepsy community come together to learn about the latest treatments.

Learn more about the Epilepsy Foundation Pipeline Conference

Antiepileptic Drug and Device (AEDD) Trials Conference

Since 1992, researchers from around the country have met to discuss various epilepsy therapies. The conference focuses on the development of seizure medication. For example, researchers may discuss preclinical discoveries or clinical evaluations.

Learn more about attending the AEDD conference

Next Generation Scientists

There is a shortage of epilepsy specialists in the U.S. We need to invest in our workforce to ensure the best and brightest are tackling the challenges our epilepsy community faces. We’re supporting the next generation of scientists with funding, training, and apprenticeship.

Learn more about the Next Generation of Scientists

Kevin's Fellows

The Kevin’s Fellow award is a way for donors to recognize and fund young researchers working in the field of epilepsy. Each year, a donor may select a fellow from our Next Generation Scientist Program. The award supports their research and tracks the progress of the researcher throughout their career.

Learn more about the Kevin’s Fellows program

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Help Fund Our Research Efforts

Since 2003, we have provided funding to half of the therapies in the epilepsy clinical pipeline. Generous donors are the ones that make our research efforts possible. Help us create a world without epilepsy that lives free from seizures and side effects.