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A bad taste - is this an Aura?

I am new to this website.  I was diagnosed with Epilepsy after 2 tonic-clonic seizures on March 27, 2008. One neurologist diagnosed me with a severe case of eplispsy.  I went for a second opinion and this neurologist said my seizure was provoked and I do not have epilepsy.  I've just finished weaning off Keppra, 2 weeks ago. 

For the past 1.5 days, I have had a really strange (maybe metallic) taste.  It's not necessarily in my mouth, but it's on my lips and my skin.  So, in other words, I taste metallic and so does some of my food.  I didn't think it was at all related to epilepsy (because I was told I didn't have it), until I looked up the symptom in WebMD.  On WebMD, strange tastes, acid tastes, metallic tastes, bad tastes and unusual tastes all point to epilepsy (and poisoning, heartburn, antibiotic use, etc...none of which I have).  I am not really sure what to think......could this be an aura?  Does anyone out there have this same symptom, prior to seizures?

Any help or opinions are greatly appreciated!



Re: A bad taste - is this an Aura?

I'm new to the website too, but every time I had an aura, I would get metallic tastes in my mouth.  I also felt weird sensations, like deja vu feelings and I always felt like I was going to throw up, but never did. 

Being on Keppra has eliminated my auras.   I had two MAJOR seizures.  The doctors say that once a person has more than one, you are considered to have epilepsy.   


Hope this helps.


Re: A bad taste - is this an Aura?

This topic got ME to join as a member.
(a) the topic
(b) the Epilepsy Foundation, itself, never being of any real assistance. Of the specific needs of defending this certain Disability.
(not that I enjoy it; but have experienced the higher amount versus others. Multiple tastes. Mine are more of taste. Than of feel -- that has once been once; and very recently. )
Since My Childhood, before I learned of the word "AURAS" from another  -- decades later. I called them "weird feelings. As the same above called them.
Doctors & neurologists, during my early years -- never had any knowledge of "Auras" nor "Weird Feelings." I never said anything of them, as I thought they were exclusively for me; unrelated to epilepsy. Not knowing/relating the timing of them to seizures.
I highly rely on Auras, when I ride my bike, so to warn me of a possible/oncoming seizure.
So that I have enuff time to merge to the side of the road
 or off the road. so that I don't get injured. That my bike don't get wrecked/sideswiped.
Here in soCal, it never be know what will happen from a motor vehicle.

Re: A bad taste - is this an Aura?


 I think the best answer any of us can and should give you is MAYBE. The taste you are experiencing, especially if it IS regularly and predictably followed by seizures, COULD be an aura.

On the other hand, it COULD be a side effect of medication or a sign of something more serious. When your kidnesy aren't wroking properly, the metallic aftertaste can be a symptom of too much creatinine in the blood.

This is too serious to self-dagnose. Obviously you are seeking answers, and this can be a resource for you, but please do not let it replace the care of a good physician.


Re: A bad taste - is this an Aura?


Hi there-  I'm new too!  I was diagnosed with epilepsy 11 years ago and one of the dead give aways was me telling my doctor "I taste metal in my mouth, feel like I have de ja vu, etc." He said that's textbook for a symptom of epilepsy.

An aura could be different for everyone- My aura is the same every time- I have a hallucination that is the same exact thing every single time and by the time the aura is over, my convulsing has started.  I'm on Topomax and Lamictal- works for me!

So- go back to your doctor and talk this over with him/her again.  Have an EEG test.  Good Luck!


Re: A bad taste - is this an Aura?

Gina hi,  time for a third opinion, or go back to doc number one.  metalic taste is a signal.  you  may want to consider going to an epileptoloist for evaluation.  A lot of the new information states that the aura is the begining of a seizure, not a warning.  it may be a simple partial.  i t may be more.  it may also mean more to come.  it has been found on eeg.  that means seizure.  i found this out after 40 years with seizures.  hope it helps.   rikk

Re: A bad taste - is this an Aura?


Rikk makes a lot of sense, Gina.  You can't have seizures, especially major ones, for no reason at all.  Something caused them, so find more medical opinion.  You must, or you could be in real trouble without warning.

Taste, sight, hearing: you name it, a distortion of any of these can be an aura.  My family tell me I used to mention a taste what smelled like hot steel before an attack.  Now, years later, it's more likely to be hearing or sight.  Hearing seems to pulse, to vibrate and/or vision becomes confused.  Is it an aura, or the opening stage of an attack?  For many, it's practically impossible to know for sure.

One thing, though: do what Rikk says.  See a doctor again. You must.

Just a point worth making: the word aura dates back, with epilepsy, at least 1,500 years.  We borrowed the Latin word.  It means 'chilly breeze'.  Researchers (yes, even then and 1,000 years before then) into epilepsy noticed how often people with epilepsy mentioned just how often they had a forewarning of an attack: it was like a cold breeze, very short, usually running up their backs.  That's the value of the aura: forewarning.  When you feel it, any kind, if you possibly can, sit down.  That way, there's less chance of collapsing and suffering injury.  There are dogs trained, strangely, to sense an aura before the person himself/herself does.  It could be worth looking into this. 


Re: Metal taste...

You might want to have your family doc/general practitioner also take a look.  Metallic taste, fruity breath, etc... are also signs of a serious medical concern that isn't neurological.

I get, from time to time, brief periods of where stuff I drink & eat taste like I'm eating the inside of a soda can.  I've only had these brief periods since starting the Topamax.  In that Topamax has a noted altered taste side effect, and I've experienced no other symptoms around or immediately following these periods of time - I've not named them as "auras".

This isn't to say that they aren't.  WebMd and this site, in particular, lists many many vague examples of different types of "auras"from tastes to smells to visions to emotions.  So, it could very well be one.

I'd still tell the Neurologist and I'd also run it by my Family Dr/General Practitioner.

I think that is an Aura.

I think that is an Aura. Keppra is a drug I don’t care for. You can’t moni the serum blood levels of it to see If you are to high or low. I know Dr.that did the trial on it & he doesn’t care about patients. Dilantin is a more state seizure medicine. I think you need a Doctor that will give you a CAT scan. When nothing shows up that might need to give you an ‘ambulatory’ to follow you for 3 days to check your brainwaves 

Terrible taste to the mouth

Terrible taste to the mouth before and during seizures short time what is it

I have a bad taste in my

I have a bad taste in my mouth after having 8 seizures yesterday. Makes everything taste weird.

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