Seizure First Aid Toolbox

Find videos, posters, and more you can share to help others learn about seizure first aid.

Video: Michael's Team Learns Seizure First Aid

Like Michael's teammates, your friends, co-workers, neighbors, sports and club team members, and other people in your life can learn the key seizure first aid steps: Stay. Safe. Side.

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Find more detailed videos about care and comfort seizure first aid, first aid for specific types of seizures, and how to respond when seizures don’t stop.

Print and Pass Out These Seizure First Aid Posters

Help is as close as your phone!

First Aide App

Get the Seizure First Aide App

Download the free "Seizure First Aide" app developed by the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota for assistance with recognizing different types of seizures, knowing what to do, and timing how long the seizure lasts. Our thanks to the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota for developing this exciting new tool!

#DareTo Be Seizure Smart

Cell Phone Lock Screen Photo

Download the photo of the Seizure First Aid poster shown below and make it your lock screen on your cell phone so you’ll have it ready when you need it.

Seizure First Aid is Stay Safe Side - phone lock screen
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