The Epilepsy Foundation has two funding cycles per year. Not all programs are offered in each cycle. Only those listed below are available now through the Epilepsy Foundation.

2020 Shark Tank Competition

Letters of Intent due: September 16, 2019

New Therapy Commercialization Grant and Epilepsy Seal of Innovation Award

Letters of Intent due: September 28, 2019

Clinical Research Training Apprenticeship

  • Full Grant Proposal due September 30, 2019 - apply via proposalCENTRAL (Please note that you can find the grant opportunity in proposalCENTRAL by filtering for American Epilepsy Society as the grant maker or by typing in Epilepsy Foundation in the search box at the top right.)
  • Award up to $35,000 for one year, with a minimum of 25% protected time. These funds can go towards research expenses, coursework/training or to offset salary support up to 25% of the applicant's salary and fringe since that is the required percent effort.
  • How to apply
  • For questions, contact

SUDEP Biomarker Challenge Prize

Accepting Submission Entries up to October 2020

Epilepsy Innovation Institute - My Brain Map Initiative

Letters of Intent due: Submissions closed

Rare Epilepsy Network Registry - Data Request

Now Accepting Research Requests


Rare Epilepsy Network Partner Grants

No grants currently available by our partners in the Rare Epilepsy Network.

Looking for other research opportunities?

  • Have you tried the Epilepsy Research Connection? The Epilepsy Foundation is part of an initiative to centralize different research grants in one database, to make it easier to search for available funding opportunities. Please take advantage of this resource.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the research priorities of the Epilepsy Foundation?

Please click here for an overview of the strategic areas that we invest in.

What research grants does the Epilepsy Foundation support?

Here's a table with our research grant opportunities at a glance

Who should I contact, if I have a question about any grant program?

You can always email for any questions.

If I want to advertise a grant opportunity on this page, who should I contact?

You can always email and let us know about the upcoming research grant! We are happy to share research opportunities throughout the community.

What is the general timeline for an Epilepsy Foundation grant review process?

Here is an example timeline of the review process:

  • Spring Cycle
    • Grant opportunities announced: late December
    • Letters of Intent (LOIs) due: early February
    • LOI review: early to mid-March
    • Full applications due: May
    • Application Review: May-June
    • Funding Decision: late June
  • Fall Cycle
    • Grant opportunities announced: June
    • LOIs due: early August
    • LOI review: mid-August
    • Full applications due: end of September
    • Application Review: October-November
    • Funding Decision: late November

What is the Patent and Copyright Policy for grants?


Please note that the Epilepsy Foundation's Patent and Copyright Policy applies primarily to awards offered to academic institutions and is open to clarification as needed. Commercial companies that are offered funding to support their research will have the opportunity to negotiate a suitable agreement with the Foundation regarding intellectual property rights as needed.

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