SUDEP Action Day October 23

The Epilepsy Foundation SUDEP Institute is proud to partner with SUDEP Action in recognizing October 23rd as SUDEP Action Day — a day devoted to raising awareness about sudden unexpected death in epilepsy around the world and inspiring action to save lives. SUDEP Action Day was previously known as SUDEP Awareness Day.

What are the Goals of SUDEP Action Day?

  • Encourage people with epilepsy to learn about SUDEP and their individual risk
  • Show what is currently being done to tackle SUDEP
  • Promote ways people can manage their epilepsy to reduce their risk
  • Highlight the need for more research into SUDEP to help save lives
  • Raise public awareness about SUDEP
  • Honor the lives of those we have lost

2019 Theme: #5forEpilepsySafety

The SUDEP Institute and SUDEP Action is asking everyone to raise awareness with the hashtag #5forEpilepsySafety. There are five actions all supporters can take to make a difference. Whether you choose to do one or five of the actions below, you can help raise awareness and save lives.  

Take #5forEpilepsySafety



  • Ask your school, college, university, business, or local groups to support SUDEP Action Day and talk about SUDEP.
  • Bring materials to local events, like carnivals, community fairs, and sporting events.

Join the Fight

  • If you are a health care provider, talk with your patients about their risk of SUDEP.
  • Donate here to support the SUDEP Institute, care for bereaved families, advocacy for epilepsy-related death reporting, research into the causes and prevention of SUDEP, and education to help people living with epilepsy reduce their risks.



  • Sign up to be SUDEP Awareness Ambassador all year long by emailing
  • Commemorate your loved one by sharing their photo and name on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #SUDEPActionDay2019 and #InMemory or by creating a Remembrance Memorial.

Visit to take #5forEpilepsySafety for:

#EndSUDEP #EndEpilepsy
Visit to find more ideas and resources

Things You Can Do to Reduce Your SUDEP Risk

Learn More and Share These Videos

Orrin Devinsky MD Talks About SUDEP,
Dr. Jeff Buchhalter on the Ketogenic Diet and SUDEP
Provided by our partner, The Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies

Past Campaigns

  • 2018 Theme: #Act
  • 2017 Theme: Why
  • 2016 Theme: United Against SUDEP
  • 2015 Theme: Are You SUDEP Savvy?
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