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Support Group for Supporters in Philadelphia

Hi. My husband was diagnosed with epilepsy several years ago; general and localized epilepsy. He started having seizures very shortly before we met, so we are basically learning about epilepsy together. We've been to some support groups. Sometimes supporters of people with epilepsy will attend the groups, which has been great for me and them. It feels good to be able to connect with others that know the specific position I am in: worrying about my husband, exhaustion and frustration when dealing with his memory issues, guilt for feeling frustrated about his lack of memory, etc. I have since kept in contact with a wife I met at a support group.

In meeting other supporters of people with epilepsy, we realized that we could use our own support group. I am considering starting a group for supporters of people with epilepsy and wanted to know if anyone has started one, or if they already exist.

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