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Looking for insight - currently in search of diagnosis for toddler

Hello -

Our three year old has had two episodes in which he goes very limp (no convulsive activity), his eyes roll straight back to the top of his head then his eyes shut, and his breathing becomes very slow and shallow.

The episodes each lasted about 5 - 10 minutes.

He is completely unresponsive during episodes, almost lifeless. The only stimulus he responds to is rescue breaths, though nothing conscious. He just moves a little after the breaths. His pulse is strong and fast during these episodes. During the first one, his blood oxygen (tested at ER) was very depleted and he had to be intubated.

The neurology work up thus far has been essentially negative. He's had a MRI, bunch of blood tests and a 48-hour EEG with video monitoring (the EEG showed some background slowing, but the doctors thought that that was driven by sedative drugs he was on at time of test).

Cardiology examined his EKG and did an echocardiogram, both negative.

At the time of both episodes, he had a pretty heavy cold with chest congestion. So a pulmonologist has also examined him, but has been unable to draw a link between breathing issues and these episodes.

Because he had a cold at time of both episodes there are some doctors who suggested it might be a febrile seizure, but no measurable fever was present so that has been more or less ruled out.

We've scheduled a follow up EEG, but our neurologist is not convinced this is a seizure.

Any thoughts/recommendations?

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