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Infantile Spasms and types of seizures

Rebecca was diagnosed at 4 months with Infantile Spasms (she is almost 1 now). We have recently had 100% seizure control with a combination of Topomax and Phenobarbital. We are now seeing clusters of seizures again. Although these seizures are similar to her original type of spasms they are not the same. I would love input from other parents of infants with seizures. Before she had the classic jack-knife seizure, her head dropped, arms and knees jerked upward and her eyes rolled back. Now she has a very slight head drop and more noticable is her eye movement. Her left eye does this strange little flutter. Little to no movement of her arms or legs. She also occasionally makes a sad little moan with each seizure. The mini head drop is more like a wince (as if in pain). Just wondering how IS has manifested itself for other babies and if it has changed for them?


Re: Infantile Spasms and types of seizures

There are many babies that are born with different deficiencies. Here is a site that maybe helpful to you.

take care

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