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11 yr old daughter stops breathing with seizures

My daughter stops breathing during a seizure. She's 11 and very recently got diagnosed. She's also asthmatic so we mistook her first couple seizures for really strong asthma attacks because of the way it affects her breathing and because she does not experience convulsions. The neurology team that saw her said that as long as her heart is still beating during these episodes, she's still getting enough oxygen to keep from getting brain damage from lack of oxygen. She had a seizure shortly after her diagnosis and it happened when she got up to use the bathroom. We were all asleep so that was the first time she went through it alone. Up until this episode, I was giving her CPR thinking it was her asthma. I was convinced that it was the CPR that saved her. She just tenses up, stops breathing, passes out and turns blue. When she finally does start to breath a little, her eyes dart side to side almost like in rem sleep. The doctors are confused with her situation and said they've never treated a patient with seizures that present the way hers do. We are back in the hospital with her now due to another one of these episodes. We've been here for 5 days now and seem to be running out of tests to run. I'm terrified that we will again go home with no more information than we had when we came in. And it wouldn't be for lack of trying from the doctor's. Please, if anyone has dealt with, seen or experienced seizures like this, please share anything you've learned about them. Even if it seems like whatever information you have might not be helpful. Even the smallest detail could end up helping my daughter and I will be forever grateful. There is a strong possibility that she is dealing with more than seizures and asthma. So if you know of a combination of things that could look like what I've described (body tenses up without convulsions, breathing stops, loss of consciousness) please let me know so I can ask for the proper testing. Unfortunately there's not much more information I can give since this is still very new to us. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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