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Acupuncture has helped reduce my seizures

I've been receiving acupuncture once a week for the last month and it has made a great difference in the frequency and severity of my Simple Partial Seizures.

I just wanted to share this and see if anybody else out there has tried it and if it has worked for them.


A growing number of people with epilepsy are finding that this ancient treatment helps control seizures. Acupuncture, which as been part of China's medical heritage for over 3,000 years, was introduced into the United States and Canada in the 1970's. Since that time, it's become one of the most frequently requested of the complementary therapies (to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine or other treatments.)


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Well i haven't had acupuncture personally, but my mom has. She had high blood pressure, but in about 2 weeks, after one acupuncture appointment, her blood pressure went back to completely normal levels. She also had other health issues that were completely resolved because of acupuncture. I know she would absolutely recommend it. Supposedly, it is not painful, and can actually be relaxing. I also encourage it because it helped my mom to improve her health. Best wishes to you and your health!

I have been recieving acupunture for over 2 years and it has helped me alot.  I had to stop for about 6 months in those 2 years and it was then that I noticed the difference .  My seizures were stronger and came more often.  Since I have returned, my condition has improved.  Another treatment that you might want to concider is cranal sacral therapy, performed by an acupunture physician.  It helps relieve stress and it also feels great.  Good luck

I've been seeing a practicioner of Chinese medicine for a couple months now, and have also undertaken some general study of the theories behind the practice.

 Chinese medicine is holistic, so they do not treat epilepsy, per se. Rather they treat your specific imbalances in your body, which create symptoms such as seizures. This took some getting used to, since I was really there to, well, fix the epilepsy.

However, the results have been fantastic. I have engaged in a combination of accupuncture, herbs, regular exercise (20 minutes of cardio at least four days a week), and stress reduction, and have pretty much stopped having petit-mal seizures without raising my dosage of lamictal. (Which had not taken care of all of my symptoms at its current dosage.)

If there's a good practicioner in your area, I highly recommend trying it. What do you have to lose? 

I am interested in getting acupuncture, but I am worried.

For those that have been getting acupuncture, does someone always stay in the room with you after the acupuncturist puts the needles in? What if you have a seizure during treatment?

  Due to a traumativ brain injury when I was 16, I have been living with seizure for the last tens years. I've tried every medication my doctors can find and I've got a Vagus Nerve Stimulator. All my doctor wants to do is keep upping my medication and turning the VNS up and nothing is able to control them.  Just today someone mentioned to me treating epilepsy with acupuncture and I found the comments you all have posted.  

Acupuncture may help reduce the number of attacks, possibly through release of cholecystokinin (CCK-8), a neuropeptide which possesses anti-epileptic activity (Oei et al 1992, Bajorek et al 1986, Kadar et al 1984, Zetler 1980).  

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I  have a right temporal lobe epilepsy . have tried 13 yrrs of alopethic medication with various docs but nothing worked, the medicines used to get immune after some months or a year and the side effects took over. recently a friend of mine recommended me to acupunture. its costly in my country but my healths getting better. they say younger childer get better quickly but me with a history of fighting this for 13 yrs willl take time with accupunture and herbal chinese medines. wishing u all the best of health. tc , bye

I have tried yoga too. As my neuro said that there is no scientific evidence to back it. Altough, yoga is very good and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is living with a brain disease. Meds are being tested on millions of patients and on animals firstly and they list sideeffects before coming into the market.

 Could anyone refer me to the link where there is scientific evidence based on clinical trials? 

Could anyone tell me what is the min and max time to receive acupunture treatment?

Because, I will be moving abroad very soon looking for a job and the cost of living over there and medical is very expensive, so I dont think I will be able to afford it over there plus also due the exchange rate factor.


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I am looking into homeopathic ways since I tried just about everything.
How has acupunture been working for you? How are your seizures?

take care

Acupuncture was the first treatment for epilepsy that completely controlled the complex partial epi I have had all my life. That was twenty years ago. Since then I have found that practitioners can vary – some are better than others. Not surprising, really, in a treatment that involves so much interpretation, judgement and application though that rather obvious fact makes it difficult to 'prove' that acupuncture can be an effective means of controlling epi.

I do not have much of it now since I have found an AED (Lamictal/Lamotrigine) that both works well for me and has side-effects that are tolerable: it is cheaper too – in the UK - and less inconvenient to use. However, if the seizures started reappearing I would return to acupuncture like a shot.


I have been getting acupuncture and it has helped me bounce back faster after my last grand mal seizures. You usually need more frequent treatments if you are in an acute phase. I really believe it has helped me from having more frequent seizures. It has helped mind and body and spirit. Thanks Dr Rick!!!

I glad to hear that everyone is having positive results from the acupuncture. I have been recently diagnosed with TLE. I have had it for years, but once it started becoming more frequent I decided to seek help. I have only taken one medicine so far, Lamictal. It gave me really bad headaches and some other uncomfortable side effects. I am to start Topomax, but first I am going to the Acupuncturist. In fact, I go today. I am really excited and open-minded to it. I have read much on the benefits of acupuncture and seizures. I hope my experience will be similiar to everyone else's! Does anyone know if the acupuncture can be effective enough for some that seizures meds will no longer be needed?


I am just realizing how long ago these enteries were posted....hi christine, i too hope to be off of medication with the help of acupuncture and other natural remedies, i am just wondering in light of how long ago this post was written if you started the topamax and if it worked out for you?  I have been taking it for 2+ months supplimenting it with massage therapy, acupuncture (just started), and a vegetarian diet, with some herbal supplements...  best to you and all in this constant struggle!!! 

Hi Christine,

I think it's great that you have decided to try acupuncture!My son has been seeing an acupuncturist for about a year now and has had HUGE improvements not only with life in general, (he was in a vegitative state when we went to go see her for the first time) but YES we are talking about weaning him off his meds and we are confident that it will happen. We already have not increased his meds in over a year, that alone is a weaning procces because as he grows we are not increasing the meds to go along with his growth, this is big for him because in the past EVERY time he went to the Dr. it would be increased. I guess what I'm trying to say is ... it is very possible to get off meds with acupuncture. Good luck.

Absolutly acupuncture works! My son has been seeing an acupuncturist for about a year now, it has been the best thing that we have tried so far, before he started to see the acupuncturist he was in a vegitative state was not talking or walking going backward in school, immune system was bad, he had really hard time getting over colds and flu's etc. every time we saw the Dr. his meds would be raised, and we had even talked about surgery, he was a mess. He was at about 40+ seizures a month when we started to see her. We started to see improvements quickly for his alertness, and things we had not seen in over 2 years like running or playing or things we had never seen because he had never had the chance. Heres the GREAT NEWS.... He has improved soooo much in the last year his seizures are almost totally gone and we are making a plan of action to start weaning him off of his meds that he has been taking for 7 years now. His immune system is better than most and hardly gets sick, and he is going forward in school. I can't speak high enough on going to an acupuncturist, it has made the biggest difference for him, he's getting his life back because of it.

would you happen to know what kind of acupuncture it is? I'm thinking of trying it for my son. He has SMEI and seizure control has been tough lately. THANKS.




I know this is an old disdussion, but I will post this anyway.

I am doing acupuncture now for another reason, and my acupuncturist suggested treatment for my seizures (absence).  She says that it is the standard treatment in China.  I am currently on Lamictal and Vimpat, which work but make my tired and dull.  Shoulld I try it and ease off the drugs?


That's awesome news!  Can I ask how often to bring your son to the accupunture?  My 3 year old son has partial seizure on his frontal lobes, which affected his learning, and physical abilities such as regression in his walking. He was taking Keppra medication for his seizure and doctor hopes that will impress his physical and mental state.   I hated the meds b/c he's drooling and his attention is only slightly better.  After a month of taking it, the doc wants to increase to see if he gets better.  So I've decided to look into accupuncture.

 My son had one session of accupuncture yesterday and I see he is definitely more alert.  I'm very hopeful his seizures will decrease.  It's hard for me to count them since they're not obvious, ie. stare spells and sleepiness. 



my daughter is 10 months old has had complex partial, myoclonic and now atonic seizures... for a little over a month now. She is on phenobarb and klonopin... do you guys think she's too young for acupuncture? and did you tell your "regular" doctors about you going to the acupuncturist... before or after?


This is quite an old message, but my daughter is actually 8 months, and has also complex partial seizures, hidden by keppra, and myoclonic seizures that the neurologues can't controle, they don't find any cause neither (normal MR, EEG not showing any typical syndrom). It looks a lot as West, but it isn't.

I would like to have more informations about your daughter, and see if it is very similar, because here in Brussels, Belgium they don't seem to have an other case as her.

She is also seeing an acupuncturist recently, i think it's working, but just two days each time.


I am an acupuncturist and to answer your question about the age a child can receive acupuncture is as follows:  Infants can recieve acupuncture.  As a matter of fact, pediatrics has long been recognized as an important branch of Chinese medicine.  Chinese medicine and acupuncture, in particular has long been used for treating epilepsy, both during an acute attack and for the underlying cause.  In addition, acupunture is far more useful, particularly in children, than is western medicine.  If the child is under the age of 3 there is a good possibility that he/she may be cured.  Needles in children usually under the age of 10 are not retained but rather the needle is inserted, rotated and withdrawn immediately.  Hope this helps.

Can yuo recommend an acupuncturist in New York area for my 9 years old son who is diagnozed with patial complex seizures?


Thank you.


I've heard that it's quite important to tell your doctor of any alternative therapies you are trying. I think that's especially true for herbal supplements as these can actually interact with medications, but it's worth mentioning acupuncture too.
I started this thread last year and I have to say that the acupuncture did seem to help at first, but then I started experiencing complex seizures during the sessions and had to stop.
But these treatments have different results for everyone, so it's worth trying for your daughter. I hope you find something that works for her.

Best of luck.

This is something I never thought of, I wonder if my Neuro knows of one where I live here in the boonies. I'm up for trying just about anything.

I use it for chronic back pain and muscle spasms. It has reduce my pain levels greatly. I did once have a sez due to electricity being used in acupunture just food for thought...x

I'm not sure how old you can start, but just make sure if and when you chose an acupuncturist, that he has been doing this for yrs and does children. My son is 13 and has had seizures since the age of 1. He has tried 13 diff meds and he was still having seizures every night. He has been getting acupuncture for about 6 wks and he hasn't had a seizure in about 3 wks. I thank God every day for allowing me to see this alternative for my son's health. Good luck to you, you are your child's best advocate.

My wife tried Qi Gong Acupressure, which is similar to acupuncture, and I think

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Hi, I was wondering how the accupressure worked for your wife?  Personally, I am being treated by a massage therapist that incorperates it into my treatment and it is wonderful, but very subtle.  I restarted acupuncture last week and the results are profound!  Of course everyone is different, but i recommend giving it a shot! it works at a different level.  Best to you

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