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Dealing with finals

Mon, 04/29/2019 - 13:55
Hey, so I need some advice. I'm 22 and a senior in college. I've been epileptic for about 10 years and have been on a ton of different medications. For the past year I've been on a combo of two and have been feeling great. For the past week I haven't been feeling very well and am planning on talking to my neurologist about changing up my doses. I am seeing him in a little less than a month, but first I have to get through finals feeling like this. I know stressing out about it too much will make it worse. Does anyone have any advice on how to stay calm during this stressful month thats coming? I'd really appreciate it!


Hi jessrae96, Thank you for

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2019-05-03 - 12:45
Hi jessrae96, Thank you for sharing your experience. It is quite common to feel stressed when preparing for finals. We encourage you to reach out to your neurologist and share you concerns about not feeling well and the increase in stress. For strategies on stress management please visit, or the Wellness Institute, wish you good luck on your final exams! 

I am experiencing the same

Submitted by nakyah on Thu, 2019-05-09 - 15:59
I am experiencing the same thing. I would say eating at least three times a day. Even though it is almost impossible, making sure you get enough sleep. Also keeping in the back of your mind that you are trying your best. pacing your self will be very important. Never overexert yourself. You got this!!!! The end is closer than you think. 

Congratulations for making it

Submitted by 1cor12.9 on Sat, 2019-08-10 - 12:39
Congratulations for making it to your senior year! I agree with Nakyak 100%. Senior year was all about balancing school and improving healthy epilepsy life management skills. The word is "no" or no thank you to people and yourself! Self-sabtoge is a trigger. One thing I'm curious about is the different medications.  I went through the same situation then I got a Eptimologist. They're neurologist that specialize in epilepsy treatment when seizure medications are not working. In your next visit maybe ask if your doctor is or knows one.This verse got me through college, I hope it will help.And He has said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness." therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.2 Corinthians 12:9 Congratulations! 

I'm 21 and I I think I get

Submitted by kendallauren411 on Tue, 2020-03-03 - 22:06
I'm 21 and I I think I get what you're going through. My story is roughly the same. I've had epilepsy for about 10 years. I haven't ever really felt great so I'll try to pass on to you the ways that I dealt with finals/college. Making a schedule helped so much. I set aside specific times to study so I wouldn't be trying to cram at the last minute (which would be an EXTREMELY bad idea for me, since one of my major triggers is lack of sleep). I'm not the most social person on the planet, but spending time with friends/family did make things easier. Even regularly coming and chatting with people here can help because you get to talk to people going through the same things. Just remember, you've made it this far. You can do this!


Submitted by Misjoey101 on Mon, 2020-06-22 - 22:43
DON'T PROCRASTINATE! Stress builds with pressure. The more you put off, the more pressure you put on yourself.

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