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Topic: Young Adults

Sharing the News

03/2020 | 2 Comments

So, this is something I'm actually pretty worried about. I discovered I had epilepsy in sixth grade so, by the time I graduated High School, I hadn't...
Calling 911

03/2020 | 3 Comments

I've had epilepsy about ten years now and I was wondering about how you guys feel about having people call 911 when they see you having a seizure...
Bad days with epilepsy

08/2019 | 4 Comments

First of all this is going to be poorly written and I doubt anyone will read it but I feel like writing this might be therapeutic for me. so here goes...
Feeling Alone and College

06/2019 | 7 Comments

My Parents want me to get a degree, my mom mostly. I want to purse college and get a degree but my epilepsy is putting me in such a depressed place...
my story

06/2019 | 1 Comments

When I was 2 I had a febrile seizure I stopped breathing and turned blue my mom gave me mouth to mouth and by the time the EMTS arrived I stopped...
Living with Epilepsy in College

05/2019 | 2 Comments

Hi guys. I have a youtube channel and I use that as a way to share my story. I think it would be beneficial for many of you to watch. You are not...
Dealing with finals

04/2019 | 5 Comments

Hey, so I need some advice. I'm 22 and a senior in college. I've been epileptic for about 10 years and have been on a ton of different medications...
I'm terrified to do anything

03/2019 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone! I've never done a forum before, so thank you for checking this out. I'm excited to join this community (I guess??). I have epilepsy and...
Trying to became a teacher

12/2018 | 2 Comments

Hello everybody, right now I’m in college trying to became a teacher or work in a daycare but people are telling me that I can’t work in a daycare...
Being followed because of epilepsy

12/2018 | 1 Comments

Hey everybody I have a question can schools make you have somebody follow you to classes because of your epilepsy? My seizures aren’t as bad as many...
Can't afford college

11/2018 | 1 Comments

I'm 18, going to a community college, coming from a single parent household, and because my mom makes "too much money" I barely qualify for financial...

11/2018 | 2 Comments

Can people at a college tell a student that they need to drop a class, do it a different way or have somebody going to class with you everyday you...
Share Your Story

09/2018 | 1 Comments

Hey, I am 17 and I am a teen with epilepsy living in New Jersey and I'm creating a video about the awareness of teens with epilepsy (daily life, extra...
Question about college

09/2018 | 4 Comments

Hey guys, this is my first year in college and people are telling me that I shouldn't be in college for something that I really want to do which is...
Uncontrolled Seizures at College

09/2018 | 0 Comments

Hi, all. I'm a first-year college student going to school about 90 minutes away from home. I have had four seizures in the last four months, which is...

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