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My Story

Sat, 02/23/2019 - 16:33
Hello all, I'm reaching out to anyone who has had the same or similar experience as me. I've been diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) for the past 5 years. I've had the occasional gran mal seizures and in some cases just absent seizures over this 5 year time period. I feel the only reason I've had reoccurring seizures is because of my forgetfulness of taking my medication. Anyways, just recently I experienced something I've never had happen before. I live alone and one morning I woke up with a major headache, vomiting, and I had urinated on myself. I knew I had gone through a series of seizures while I was sleeping. The vomiting was new this time, I had never done this before. However, I called my mother and she called the paramedics and they took me the hospital. They got the seizures under control with heavy doses of medication, but they thought I may have gotten meningitis due to the vomiting. But when they did a spinal tap and further testing, that wasn't the case. Just a "bug in my system" they said. I was released from the hospital a couple days later and this where it gets weird. That evening when I returned home, I believe I experienced talking to God. Before this experience I had lost faith. But my mother who is very religious was staying at my apartment with me that evening. As she lay in my bedroom exhausted the few nights we stayed in the hospital, I was wide awake in my living room. I began to think about my current girlfriend and her daughter. I was contemplating dating her because I wasn't sure if I date her or not because I was not sure if I was ready to take on the responsibility of a girlfriend, let alone a girlfriend with a child. Then suddenly this experience began to happen, I saw flashes of my future with this girl and her daughter. At that very same moment I began to have flashes of the future, I turned and looked at a scripture that I have hanging in my dining room. I could not look away from the scripture even if I wanted to. The scripture reads the verse Joshua 1:9 "I am with you wherever you go". I was so blown away that I had to share my experience with my mother. I went into the bedroom where she was laying on my bed and got down on my knees. I told her I felt like I was ready to pray and ask God into my heart. I told her about the experience that I just had, I grabbed her hand and we began to pray together. The craziest thing began to happen. Black began to surround me, it was if there were arms of demons reaching for me. I also began to feel a tug on my shorts and my t-shirt as if it was trying to pull me into my bathroom which was behind me and I was too terrified to turn around and look. I still continued to pray and told God and my mother that I did not want to go to hell and that I wanted to go to Heaven with Jesus. My mother eyes began to turn black and I began to get a scared look on my face (according to my mother). She asked "what's wrong Josh". Then I stood up and released her hand and looked at my full length mirror that I have in my bedroom only to see that my reflection was not there. It made me do a double take and when I looked back at the mirror my reflection reoccurred. As I stood there, I began to cry and at that very same exact moment the tears began to fall I saw one of my outlets spark and it began to start pouring rain outside. The rest of the night I was wired and was not able to sleep although my mind and body was exhausted from being in the hospital and from all the seizures. Also, I was so scared from the events that occurred that I had my mother sleep in my bed with me and anytime I needed to use the restroom I would leave the bathroom door wide open so that I would not be left alone. When I would get in bed and try to get some sleep I would start to have these paranormal experiences, euphoric events, auras, seizures, whatever you want to call them. But during these events I would experience talking to God! I felt like God had revealed himself to me. It was like he showed me that heaven and hell were real. I felt I had finally understood the meaning of the universe. It was cool, but at the same time it was weird. During these events I would wake up my mother who probably just thought I was full of it and was getting annoyed that I was keeping her from getting sleep. I told her I thought I was Jesus at one point. Although, I really didn't think I was Jesus, but maybe Jesus was speaking through me? I couldn't even tell you what he was saying to me or what our conversations were about, I just knew it was him. Every time we started having these conversations, I would yawn the biggest yawn ever. But all this isn't even the craziest part. At that very same moment when these events would occur, my mother would begin to whimper and make moaning noses in her sleep. She would also jump, shake, and kick. I knew she told me she had sleep apnea, but that does not explain why she would do it at the very exact moment I was talking with Jesus. Also, during my talks with Jesus I would chuckle and laugh a little. I began to pray for my mother and at that very same moment I would pray, she would begin to whimper, shake, jump, and kick. Also, I was not praying out loud, I was praying for her in my head so there was no way of her knowing. Then another crazy thing happened, as I was praying for her she began to break out in LAUGHTER! When that happened I was very freaked out and was scared of my mother. I jumped out of my bed and turned on the light. I told her about what she was doing and she just played it off as it she was having a funny dream, but I knew it was GOD. I was so restless and wired the rest of the night that I just gave up on trying to sleep. Anyways, that's just a short version of my testimony. A lot more happened, but I'm curious to if anyone else with epilepsy has had something similar happen to them? I believe there is some sort of connection between Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and God. If you Google search this topic, there are others who have had the similar experiences as me. I have told my neurologist all about this, but she seems only think it was a hallucination and I don't disagree. It was definitely a hallucination, but I believe it more than just that, God used this hallucination to reach out to me and I believe he has done the same to others. - Joshua Fuller

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