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Topic: My Epilepsy Diary


04/2020 | 1 Comments

Looking for some feedback... I am 39 years old this week, I have been on Depakote 500mg ER twice a days for years. I had my first seizure back when I...
Change in Seizures?

04/2020 | 2 Comments

Hi, I am 23 years old and I have had epilepsy for 11 years and am on 200mg Lamictal a day. I used to have seizures where I would pass out but now I...
Is the depression a phase?

12/2019 | 2 Comments

I had my most recent seizure almost a week ago and physically I feel fine but mentally I’m so depressed like I can’t even daydream anymore, is this...
Becoming more frequent seizures

10/2019 | 1 Comments

Hi Very confused I have a so who's 21 years old he had his first seizure nearly eight years ago and since then he was put on Sodium Valproate which...
My Story

02/2019 | 0 Comments

Hello all, I'm reaching out to anyone who has had the same or similar experience as me. I've been diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) for the...
Terah's Story .

12/2018 | 1 Comments

I have had seizures since I was 14, I am 22 now and I just found out that something is unbalanced either my brain, heart or kidney. Seizures are...
Any Vimpat users/ Withdrawals

10/2018 | 0 Comments

I don't know how to ask this question but hopefully someone understands this question. So I take Vimpat 50mg 2x a day. I notice that when I take 1st...
Still Haven't Gotten Use To It.

10/2018 | 0 Comments

Hey! So I'm 26 years old and I started out with seizures when I was 14...had my 1st convulsion at the age of 18...I've been sent to two different...
epilepsy and ecstasy

08/2018 | 6 Comments

hey guys ! i just wanted to ask a question to see if anyone can help me or knows the answer to this . so i’m 16 and go to parties a lot . i have mild...
18 Month old with seizures

07/2018 | 1 Comments

My 18 month old has been struggling with absent seizures since the age of 4 months old. He started Keppra and trileptal in august of 2017. he has been...
My Epilepsy Life

06/2018 | 0 Comments

This is quite a long story and I advise those who are losing hope to read this story. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was in fourth grade and am...
my parents

05/2018 | 0 Comments

my parents think & say every time I have a seizure they think I force to have a seizure to get attention & I haven't see or hear from my parents since...
I feel alone

11/2017 | 1 Comments

hi! i'm Eliana I've had Epi for a year, I honestly need some friends to talk to i've been alone in this whole prosses (Except my family): But my...

09/2017 | 2 Comments

Hi, my name is diana. I was diagnosed with focal or partial seizure this July. I am 24 years old. I'm new to all this. So my question is, i feel as...

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