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Keppra Rage - Anyone prescribed Magnesium to combat this?

Mon, 11/18/2019 - 14:11
Hello, I am reading though these posts and I am curious if any/many of you were prescribed Magnesium when you started taking Keppra? My doctor warned me about the Keppra rage and suggested 600mg of Magnesium which should combat them. I've been on Keppra for a couple of years and luckily I have not experienced this side effect.


Keppra is no joke. I once

Submitted by Jim Clayton on Tue, 2020-01-14 - 00:48
Keppra is no joke. I once came home and saw that my roommate had left a dirty dish on the table. I started flipping couches over and punched holes in the kitchen cabinets like a psychopath. Doctor finally took me off of it when I went to his office so angry I was in tears. Best of luck.

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