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I Think I Need Some Emotional Support

Mon, 02/24/2020 - 12:15
Hi, I'm Shira. I apologize for any spelling mistakes, I am not from an English speaking country. I am almost 29, and have had absence seizures for as long as I can remember myself. They weren't diagnosed because they were pretty rare (happened once every few months), and never happened while I was speaking with an adult. I remember myself as a teenager asking some friends if they had ever experience themselves disconnecting from their body and seeing the world around them in slow motion (expecting them to say yes), they all said no. It never really bothered me. When I was 20, my mother's friend from high-school came to meet us and said she had become a psychic. I explained this strange feeling I always had, and she told me I have psychic powers and need to meditate. This became a family joke, until 4 years later, when I had an absence seizure while I was talking to my mom and brother. They were really freaked out, and my mother immediately understood this is a type of seizure. A few months later a had a tonic- clonic seizure in my sleep, and that's when I was first diagnosed with epilepsy. I was 24, and it was very hard for me to go from being a "healthy person" to needing to be on medication twice a day. Yesterday we had guests over, and I hadn't taken my medication. I had an absence seizure at the table (for like 15 seconds), and they were really freaked out. My husband explained everything's ok and it's a medical condition that will pass quickly, but I can't get over feeling humiliated, weak and exposed. I know this is stupid. My husband's amazing and keeps telling me that there's nothing to be ashamed of, and it doesn't influence anyone's opinion of me. He also keeps reminding me that of all health conditions I could have, we are very lucky that this is it. But I feel like I need support from people who can understand how I feel. The thought that I have no control over my body and freak people out is very hard for me.


I've had epilepsy my entire

Submitted by Misjoey101 on Tue, 2020-04-07 - 18:44
I've had epilepsy my entire life. School was the worst. But if there's anything I've learned, it's that adults will be more understand and sympathetic when you say "I'm epileptic". Maybe my family isn't judgemental because they've seen it my entire life, but when I am introduced to someone that I know will be in my life for a significant amount of time like a sibling's partner, I tell them. If I won't know them for long,they don't need to know unless it's daily. I introduce it after they know me for a week or so because I want them to know other things and my personality not just "I'm epileptic". Seeing a seizure for the first time isn't easy for anyone, but adults aren't like the children I've known. Adults will be more CONCERNED about you, not laughing or judging you.

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