Stronger Than Any Obstacles

Amreen is sharing her story about how she has overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and seizures

By Amreen Memon

Person with Epilepsy

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

When I was a kid, my family told me I had a seizure while playing. I had a second seizure in seventh grade, even though my medical tests showed everything was normal. I had to take medicine for two years to control the seizures. Luckily, the seizures stopped for a few years, and life felt normal again. 

Things changed after a bike accident in my first year of college. The seizures came back every three months. It was frustrating and scary. The doctor started my medication again to manage the seizures. Thankfully, I have been seizure-free for the past year and a half because of the medication. 
Living with epilepsy is not easy. I often have nightmares, worry about having seizures, and feel depressed. It's painful. Despite all these challenges, I didn't let it hold me back. I decided to become an entrepreneur. It wasn't easy, and there were times when I doubted myself, but I kept going. Entrepreneurs have challenges, and sometimes the stress and demands are overwhelming. Even though explaining my situation to others is hard,  I never gave up. I encouraged myself to keep going. 
It has been a tough journey, but I have learned to live my life fully, despite the uncertainty that epilepsy brings. Each day is a victory, and I'm getting closer to my dream of living without seizures. My journey has taught me to be strong, kind, and believe in myself. Through the ups and downs, I've discovered my inner strength to overcome challenges and inspire others facing similar situations. 
As I continue to live with epilepsy, I remain hopeful for the future. I'm determined to create a life where seizures don't control me. I want my achievements and dreams to take center stage. Every day, I feel I am getting closer to a life free from seizures. I know that I am stronger than any obstacles in my way. 

Reviewed By: Sara Wyen

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