Ibanez RG320 dx, art by Christopher Williams
Artist Christopher Williams Guitars

Guitars are both Ibanez RG320 dx series

Artist: Christopher Williams
"To create Art is something extraordinary. to experience the Power of intrinsic motivation and the subsequent impact it can have on a life... I have always, even in my youth, embraced what art can cultivate as both a form of expression and communication. It is particularly appropriate to note that there is no such thing as a solitary endeavor on the journey of becoming. My grandfather, a war hero, as well as a profound sculptor built the foundation for me. He taught me the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and engraving. He also gave me a solid understanding of how the gifts and talents of an artist can tap into one's individual strengths, allowing the artist to explore, express, and document an array of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that may be difficult to put into words. I was fortunate enough to work by his side and I am very grateful for the ingenuity and spirit that was passed from his hands to mine.”

Hidden Truths, The Mind Unraveled is presented by the Hidden Truths Project in collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation as an annual fundraiser supporting translational research in epilepsy. This celebration of the arts is designed to showcase the work of artists with epilepsy.

The eclectic mix of art has garnered and drawn the attention of several large national organizations. In 2015, a limited version of the show was hosted at the National Institutes of Health expanding our reach from coast to coast.  A PBS documentary was released in May of 2016 called Seized Inside the Mystery of Epilepsy, and included several works of art from past shows, we completed two installations of the 'Art of Epilepsy' in Radiology Imaging Centers in Southern California and were featured in August/September 2016 issue of Neurology Now.  2016 has been a very big year!

Hidden Truths, The Mind Unraveled 2016

Now in our fifth year, Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled 2016, the "Art of Epilepsy" art show and fundraiser, draws from a large national and international community of artists living with epilepsy. Monies raised will benefit patient advocacy for our local epilepsy population and new therapies for the 65 million people worldwide who are impacted by this condition.  Please join us on October 8 at the Gray Matter Museum of Art in Costa Mesa, California for an evening you won’t want to miss!

2016 Honoree

Director, Epilepsy Program, Hoag Presbyterian Hospital Co-Director, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, Rancho Los Amigos NRC Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology, Keck School of Medicine at USC

Dr. David Millett

  • Director, Epilepsy Program, Hoag Presbyterian Hospital
  • Co-Director, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, Rancho Los Amigos NRC
  • Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology, Keck School of Medicine at USC

This year Hidden Truths honors Orange County’s own Dr. David Millett. David is a forward thinking epileptologist who helped found the USC Comprehensive Consortium in an effort to operationalize a working care network for epilepsy patients that cover the entire socio-economic and age spectrum in Southern California.

The complexity and physician touches necessary for caring for epilepsy patients make for tremendous challenges from an operational standpoint, and many patients "fall through the cracks".  USCCC received local and national recognition for the truly unique accomplishment of forming the only program that takes care of truly indigent epilepsy patients, creating an NAEC Level 4 epilepsy center for the LA County Department of Health Services at Rancho Los Amigos and a Level 4 center at USC Keck, providing comprehensive epilepsy care across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Today, in partnership with Hoag Hospital the consortium created a comprehensive epilepsy center in Orange County, attaining Level 3 status this year with rapid progression to Level 4 next year.  To further expand epilepsy care, they collaborated with CHLA to expand the scope of relevant patients with respect to age. They believe that if they connect the doctors and venues that have a trusted relationship motivated by the singular and shared vision of making it easier for patients, they can bring to realization a "patient-centered" care network that has been the goal of organized epilepsy care for the past decades.

Working with equal representation from all participating entities to include neurology and neurosurgery the ultimate goal is to work together to transform epilepsy care.

2016 Feature Artists

Lara Adamson
Golden, Colorado

Amparo Ponce-Arango, M.D.
Mexico City, Mexico

Kennedy Bailey
Tampa, Florida

Jan Bannister
Golden, Colorado

Nancy Bridge
New Mexico
Published Author

Anthony Brigance-Cook
Hillsboro, Oregon

Vincent Buchinsky
Newton, New Jersey

Clifford Buckley
Jacksonville, Florida

Angelina D’Arcy
Laguna Niguel, California

Immanuel Davis
West Covina, California

Kay Dudek
Fort Collins, Colorado

Phillip Gerson
Brooklyn, New York

Vennessa Nikiesha Hanshaw
Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies

Donna Holdsworth
Willoughby, Ohio

Brian James Howard
Urbandale, Iowa

Hector Jones
Glenview, Illinois

Hannah Kanani
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Sean Kremer
Glenview, Illinois

Lou Krueger
Bowling Green, Ohio

Jia Hwei Lee “Janet”
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dennis Liew
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nicholas McCumber
Boulder, Colorado

Laura, Mellow
Honolulu, Hawaii

Brian Menish
Irvine, California

Kimberly Mullett
Columbus, Ohio

Ashley Marie Newell
League City, Texas

Andrew Ortiz
Arlington, Texas

Shadae Parchment
Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies

Dotty Pedi
Hudson, New Hampshire

Carolina Perrone
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Alexandra Rozenman
Somerville, Massachusetts

Renée Russo
New Bedford, Massachusetts

Seth Schafer
Arvada, Colorado

Erick Soricelli
Fairfax, Virginia

Angela Stimson
Los Angeles, California

Meghan Elizabeth Tra
Red Lion, Pennsylvania

Gail Valentine
Kingston, Jamaica

Andy Wild
Carnforth Lancs, England

Christopher Williams
Staten Island, New York

Adriane Wright
West Valley City, Utah

Pam Zich
Springfield, Virginia


  • Director, Epilepsy Program, Hoag Presbyterian Hospital
  • Co-Director, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, Rancho Los Amigos NRC
  • Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology, Keck School of Medicine at USC
About Grey Matter Museum of Art

Gray matter, the part of the cerebral cortex responsible for perception, emotions, memory, decision-making, higher cognitive function, now afflicted by a state of discord reflected through the art. Art becoming the visual representation of subconscious experiences defying words or conventional understanding.

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