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Together we have the power!

Starting your own fundraiser is a fun and easy way to support and raise awareness for the Epilepsy Foundation! By organizing and mobilizing people, resources, and talents, we leverage the power of local people and knowledge, working together towards a common goal. You will also make a difference in the lives of people with epilepsy! Hosting your own fundraiser means you create, plan, organize, and run a fundraising event. Use your imagination and be creative when planning an event!

This is your chance to shine and have fun!

How It Works

  1. Register today!
  2. Tell Your Story: Create an online fundraising page and share your passion and your story
  3. Ask for Support: Get others involved in your efforts and raise funds
  4. Submit Donations: Change lives with the money you raised. Submit the funds you raised using this donation form:

Fundraising Ideas

Not sure where to start? Here are some creative ways you can inspire your community. The possibilities are endless!

Sporting Event: Whether you're running a marathon, skydiving for the first time, or anything in between, use your next sporting opportunity to raise funds & awareness for a cause you care about.

Plan a Party: Invite friends and family over for dinner/dessert and ask them to make a donation equal to what they would have paid for a dinner/dessert at a local restaurant. Local restaurants and bakeries may be willing to donate items for your event.

Taxi: Drive friends or family to the airport or store and ask them to pay you by making a donation through your own page.

Bike Ride: Setup a race or just set a goal for yourself and ask friends and family to sponsor you for however many miles you want to ride. For example, ask them each to make a $25 contribution for you to ride 25 miles.

Personal Occasion: Why not give up your gifts and ask for donations instead? Make this year special. Celebrate your birthday and a great cause at the same time.

Car Wash: Hold a car wash in the parking lot of a local supermarket or large shopping center. Please be sure to get prior approval from an establishment prior to hosting or advertising a car wash.

Yard Sale: Ask your friends and family to donate items to your yard sale. Since all proceeds from the sale would be benefitting The Epilepsy Foundation, you will be surprised by how generous people can be. You can even sell refreshments at the event to raise additional money.

Babysit: Babysit for someone and ask them to make a donation in the amount of the cost for your services

Read: Have your family members make a contribution for each book you read.

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