Living My Best Life With Epilepsy

Bob is sharing his journey with epilepsy and how it makes his life unique
Bob Rouch
Person with Epilepsy
Wednesday, January 5, 2022

My name is Bob Rouch. I am 59 years old now, but my epilepsy journey began 32 years ago when I was young and athletic. I was 27 years old at the time, and I had a solid career path and a hobby of competitively racing bicycles. I had no health issues and that time or prior to that time.

I began having a repeating nightmare. It was always the same and I would wake up at night confused and very tired. It was only after being observed by someone else that I learned what I was understanding to be a nightmare was a nocturnal seizure. It was quite a blow to my psyche, and an even bigger blow to my life routine as I knew it. My journey with epilepsy began with confusion, quickly followed by “what do I do?” and “why is this happening to me?”

What began as a confusing and frustrating journey ended with acceptance and growth for me. Epilepsy can feel like a curse sometimes because you might not understand, and other people do not understand it. Even some doctors do not understand it. I feel like the only people who understand are other people with epilepsy.

We share the same feelings, the internal mental, and emotional struggles, and we know what changes are needed to still live a productive and meaningful life. All of this can be difficult to understand if someone has not experienced it for themselves.

I have learned that a productive and meaningful does not mean what I once thought it did. Once I accepted my situation, I worked to build my own unique life. Epilepsy instilled in me the idea when little things happen in life, I can deal with them because I have already overcome so many challenging things that others have not.

Living with epilepsy, I have done more than most people will ever do. I encourage other people with epilepsy to learn to accept their situation and live the best life they can, not to live the same life as they would have lived before epilepsy. It is what makes you unique!

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