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Unexplained additional symptoms with segmental myoclonus diagnosis

Hi, I've experienced myoclonic jerks and minor absences since 1992 without an epilepsy diagnosis and without taking medication and until recently it hasn't given me much cause for concern. In the last year my myoclonic jerks have become more frequent and violent and instances of biting my tongue in my sleep have increased. I've started having periods of dizziness over the last 6 months and two weeks ago had my first experience of sudden vertigo whilst seated which was followed by a 30 second absence seizure and immediately after a large myoclonic jerk. I was quite dazed and disconnected for about 30 mins after as well. I've noticed dips in my mood following jerks and also increasing instances of feeling like a jerk is "stuck" at the back of my neck. I've got an appointment with my GP to ask for a referral back to neurology but I'm wondering if anyone on here has experienced these sorts of symptoms before. I'm also photosensitive and have found more and more frequencies of flashing lights and now some fluorescent lighting have been triggering tics than they ever have before. If anyone has experience of these symptoms I'd like to know as I feel quite isolated and unsure of how to go about getting support for what are becoming more and more intrusive symptoms and not knowing if they're something to worry about.

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