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photosensitivity and noise sensitivity

Any adult with epilepsy out there have the experience of having photosensitivity and noise sensitivity?

I have had epilepsy for 35 + yrs and this past June 2 months before giving birth I started having photosensitivity and noise sensitivit which triggered seizures. I NEVER had these symptoms/experiences before. before these problems began, I lived a very independent life and worked, drove, I am much more limited.

I am curious if anyone else has had this experience and how it was diagnosed and what they did to resolve these problems.  Especially women who went from nearly seizure-free during pregnancy to having multiple daily seizures. Particularly, if they had photosensitivity and noise sensitivity. Did it go away? For me, these symptoms arrived spontaneously with no warning, no history. Thanks.








I have recently become sensitive to high pitched noises. I immediately feel stressed, i sometimes have small black outs if it's in an a closed space or I have to concentrate on a particular task!I travel on buses alot and recently had to jump of the bus because their was a new born baby crying so high pitched. I find it hard to explain to people How stressful it is. My one big concern is how I would cope with my own baby amongst other concerns related to the condition? :)

i started having this problem too recently i started to be so sensitive to loud voices and even some times hearing more than one person talking would make me so stressed ,i have two little girls ,i go crazy if i hear them screaming or fighting with each other,i feel that my heart rate increases and that my ears are very exhausted from hearing the out side voices,i started to feel recently that i need to be alone in an empty place just not to hear voices.god bless you

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