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First Seizure and Episodes?

Looking for help so I’m reposting this here to see if any other women have similar experiences. One update to this post is that my Ambulatory EEG came back clear, and the neurologist suggested doing an extended stay eeg to determine whether or not my episodes are seizures.
I had my first grand mal seizure on December 16. My husband woke up to me having it and called an ambulance. All scans and mri came back clear. Eeg scheduled for Friday. I have no family history of epilepsy, and no head trauma. Perfectly healthy 24 yr old in other respects! I am on no medications. My main question in this is about my other “episodes” that I’ve had for 3 years now. I am conscious during them. They started out as heart palpitations, and have gotten increasingly worse and more frequent. They started also including dizziness, the feeling of falling, intense loudness, everything speeding up, tightness in my chest, and a difficulty to function through the attack. I can speak, but it is difficult. I usually need to sit down. Sometimes I have buzzing in my head or a tingling feeling in my face. (Edited to update- Last night the left side of my face and my left arm went numb although not your typical numbness. I could feel things but felt like something was covering the inside of the skin. Hard to explain.) I am very calm during these episodes. They only last 8-10 seconds, but can happen 4-5 times daily. I usually have at least one daily, with a rare day of none. I am a worrier by nature, and have been told they sound like panic attacks. But I have a hard time believing there is no connection between them and my grand mal seizure, since I have no other health problems. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I will be speaking with my neurologist more about this after the EEG, hopefull


smaller partials could

smaller partials could explain your episodes and partials can spread resulting in a grand mal but sometimes partials are too deep to register on an EEG so EEG isn’t a perfect test in all situations. a diagnosis you believe is worth pushing for as anything that affects your heart (some seizures can but other conditions can as well) can require serious attention.

I had different things which

I had different things which went on for a period of time prior to having my grand mal seizure. Weird feeling in my hand it felt numb at times and I thought it was because I over worked it digging and setting things up for the garden and also playing baseball since I also pitched and in practice I was the one that pitched to all the other players while they practiced batting. There was no family history and I was perfectly healthy. I hit my head really hard when I was a kid but that wasn't looked at since the damage other then the big bump on my head was primarily to my mouth which knocked out 4 teeth and cut the inside of my jaw and slashed my tongue which was taken care of with 32-36 stiches. I had 20-25 different EEG's that all came back normal. It was the 26th one that had abnormalities. So relax and go with the flow. Research the partial seizures and you will find out that most of the episodes you posted can land in them. OH and most of the things listed and what has happened to people. Each persons seizures are different but most will have parts of them in the symptoms listed.

Thank you for your reply!

Thank you for your reply! That means a lot! 

Thank you for your reply!

Thank you for your reply! That means a lot! 

Thank you for your reply! 

Thank you for your reply! 

Sounds like you need an

Sounds like you need an extended EEG, perhaps a 72 hour ambulatory EEG to see if you can capture this episode on the  EEG, even if it's just the pre symptoms of the episode.  It also sounds like you need a full cardio work up.  Remember, an EEG only captures what is happening at that moment in time, so you can have 4 normal EEG's and then the 5th one be abnormal.  But a lot of times there is an underline abnormality which helps explains things.  But talk with your doctor and be patient.  Good luck!!!

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