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Epilepsy and Pregnancy

Hi everyone,

Some background:
-I have no family history of seizures
-I had seizures about six times for a span of about four months and was put on Keppra and Vimpat.
-I was 29 when they started and ended and the EEG showed that there is irritability on the left temporal lobe
-it started for an unknown reason
-I am currently taking 200 mg of Vimpat only now
-it will be five years since my last seizure in October of this year.

I am planning for pregnancy and I wanted to know if anyone has been on this medication during their pregnancy.

-Have you experienced anything before, during and after the pregnancy?

-Have there been any signs with your child? Any long-term issues?

-Did you breastfeed after the birth?

I’m just scared since Vimpat seems relatively new when compared to other epilepsy medication and I just don’t want to harm the baby.

Thank you for sharing.

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