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therapies fir depression and epilepsy?


Does anyone know of any kind of therapy for depression and epilepsy? i'm so into studying mental health issues and why we as human beings do the things we do. I also like that spiritual and mental health tie together so well.
I heard that reiki acupuncture art therapy and other stuff like that helps?


There have been several

There have been several studies on it.  Many of the studies where/are of small random control groups and verge on bias to it.  However, with that being said there seems to be some good results.  Either way you look it if frequency is decreasing then it isn't really going to hurt.  There are theories because of reduction of stressors etc which is why it reduces the frequency.  On the other hand there are also theories about certain trigger points. I would personally talk to a reputable acupuncturist as they will have some resources to point you too.

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