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JME Depakote, Lamotrogine and Clonazepam


Hi, I'm 39 years and I was diagnosed to JME when I was 15 years. I tried some medications and didn't worked on me. When I was 22 I was on Depakote and worked very good on me, No seizures or jerks at all that time, however I was considered to get pregnant and I just switched med to Lamotrogine, is been about 3 months on that, however it didn't controlled my jerks, dr. Just added Clonazepam to control the jerks. Well so far no seizures but, I still having that sensation or aura that ether a jerk or seizure is going to happen, mostly when I write or read, watch tv or on the computer. I get so scare that I just stop doing it because I think something is going to happen to me. My question is anyone with the same issue? I'm just afraid these might not be working for me....


Lamitrogine may be safe for

Lamitrogine may be safe for the baby but, every time you have a seizure you are putting the baby at risk. Try different pills or maybe you won't be able to have babies( I know I won't). 

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