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I dont have epilepsy but my boyfriend does!


Im sixteen and so is my boyfriend. I have been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now and have know about his seizures the entire time we have been together. I know that he has had them since he was in the fourth grade. He is on Limictal ( think thats how you spell it) it doesnt seem to help at all. When he has them he just zones put completely unless hes talking while he has them then he repeats what hes saying over and over until the seizure is over. The worst one I have seen is when he spent the night at my house and he stops and looks at me and starts to say numbers and says he doesnt want a seizure. Then he falls to the floor and his hands start to shake. After he has them he is very tired ad wants to be left alone. When he doest have one he is very moody and frustrated and at the same time he acts like theres no care in the world. His doctor wants to put him on a special diet that pretty much cuts sugar out completely. What im getting at is that has anyone else been on a special diet and if it helps at all?


I had to have my dosages

I had to have my dosages changed when I was growing. When I was in 6th grade I weighed about 85 lbs and stood 4'10". When I was in 7th grade I had changed a little. However once I started 8th grade I was 150 and was 5'6" . That changes was what cause my medications to be changed 4-5 times during the 7-8th grade. As the body changes the medication levels need to be adjusted. Which means adjustments need to be made dosages need to be made either up or down. Or even chamging medications. I have been living and dealing with epilepsy for 50+ years and I speak from experiance. As for diets.... There are 2 different diets that do help some people. Both can be looked at in this site. One is a modified atkins dies and I forgot what the other is called. What he is going thru I went thru. I didn't like having seizures and yes I rebelled and went against things. I was moody at times. It took accepting the fact that I am an epileptic and reading more and understanding that anybody at any age can have epilepsy. Epilepsy is more common then Parkinsons, Az and strokes combined. About 1 in 25 people will have a seizure of some kind duringtheir lives I hope he gets the assistance he needs.

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