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hate being 18 and not able to drive?


Does anyone feel the same way? I mean-our friends get their liscenes and all can drive a car, go out and have fun and we have to wait. Some medication can't even fully control the seizures either. I have an e-bike and started new meds it's causing different type of seizure
.how do you feel about it?


So you feel sorry for

So you feel sorry for yourself because you can't drive. You think you can't have fun. You take meds but you still have seizures. You think you are having different types of seizures because of your meds. I had friends that drove. I still haven't. Those friends drove me around some but then I worked on their cars. As for having fun I went to dances to the clubs and anywhere else I wanted to so I could have fun. As for fully copntrolling your seizures you did not post the meds or the dosages or the times you take them. You did not post the types of seizures or the type of epilepsy you have.As for having a e-bike they didn't exist back in the 60's but I bought the bike my brother rode. By doing that and working on his car I got rides to and from some places. He had a girlfriend he wanted to date. I took her friend out. Double dates still exist so why not control your epilepsy and not let your epilepsy control you. You are just like your friends. The only difference is your disability can't be seen. How would you feel if you had a heart ailment? Or diabeties? Those too are unseen ailments and yes they have things that need to be over come. There are no garuntees in this world. We live each day and deal with the things that come up. Sure plan for tomorrow. But tomorrow may never get here. Without knowing the type of epilepsy your have there is no way to know the types of seizures you may have, I was diagnosed with Grand Mal, Petite Mal and Focal Motor epilepsy. Which means  have had the worst type of seizure. The slightest type of seizure and with focal epilepsy many between those other 2.  Have yo uasked your neurologists questions? If not why not? What you posted liiks like you are a teen and not getting many results you think you need to be getting. When I was your age I asked the doctors questions. My mother took me to the doctor and he told her the things she needed to know. I was the person with epilepsy so I asked some questions. By asking some of those questions my dosages were changed from time to time because I was growing. Because of those changes I had fewer seizures. I grew 8' and a little over 50 lbs in less then 1 year. My dosages were changes 4-5 times in that period of time. I still ask questions and have getton results.Is this the best medication for my kind of seizures? Are these the only kind of seizures I can have? Is the dosage I take too high or too low? Cam we couple this medication wit hanother to see if I can get better control of my seizures? By asking questions the neurologist knows yo uwant better control so he will look at other medications, dosages and even procedures that can give you better control. I still have seizures. But by asking questions I have gotten to the point that I can have a seizure in front of you and you would no nothing about it unless I told you I had one.I had one in my PCP's office last week and stopped talking for a few seconds. I finished the sentence and asked what he thought since I had a delay of a few seconds. He stated he thought I was thinking of a words I wanted to put in the sentence. I told him I had a seizure right then. Ie was amazed since the last time I had a seizure in his office it was 2-5 minutes long and the time to get back to normal took 15-45 minutes. Newer medications can made a difference. But it took time and asking questions to get to this  point. I have worked in many professions and done many things. It does take time to get from place to place but that is basically the only hinderance I have. I have driven but only in an emergency. I have never had a license. Will I ever be seizure free? That is doubtful but by asking questions and having a good relationship with doc I have gotten results. Some neurologists could say my epilepsy is under control. I would love to be seizure free and I was for 3+ years. I have learned to deal and live with epilepsy. Since I have been doing it for 50+ years I do hope you understand my intent and hope you get your seizures under control 

I wish I had a drivers

I wish I had a drivers license but, I like the public transportation in my town. I have fun bugging my siblings about when they need to take me somewhere. My friends like to talk about how expensive gas is and each time I say "that's why you shouldn't drive". They laugh and I get the occasional "you're right". When people ask me why I don't have a drivers license, I tell them that my mom was an awful teacher and I avoided it.(To an extent, this is true) Then I have fun showing them a video I have of my brother learning  to drive and my mom screaming in the passenger seat.  

Yes I know the feeling yo

Yes I know the feeling yo

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