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Free Spa Day For Teens With Epilepsy and Other Illnesses (Maryland) - RSVP Now


Hi, I'm a Girl Scout in the Washington, DC area and for my Girl Scout Gold Award Project, I'm sponsoring a free spa day for teen girls with epilepsy and other illnesses.  This event will bring together 10 teens who are living with epilepsy and other illnesses, for a day of relaxation and pampering. The event is scheduled for Sunday, November 2, 2014 at the Rotten 2 The Core Kidz Spa located in Waldorf, MD. However, this Spa Day is more than just a day of make-up and manicures, it is a day to make these teens feel beautiful inside and outside and to provide an outlet, for our teens. Additionally, this event provides an opportunity for these teens to connect with other girls, their own age, who are going through the same struggles and celebrating the same victories. RSVP Today or if you have any questions - to ''. Pass this onto any of your friends. I want to see you there.   More details on Facebook: Feellikea Princess Spaday   Instagram: @feellkaprincessspaday



I am helping to you mail

I am helping to you mail-rameshcellaswamy@gmail.cim
Contact number-919629705783

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