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Feeling Anxious?


Hi, newbie here…

I was diagnosed with generalised epilepsy on March 17th last year and am on successful medication. Things such as lack of sleep, alcohol and stress are triggers for me. I’m also on medication for anxiety.

I just wondered if anyone else experiences the same feelings as me, basically sometimes I feel incredibly anxious in fear that something is going to happen. For example, I had mini seizures where I would pause and my face and body would kind of flinch and so now whenever I’m talking to somebody who knows that I have epilepsy, I get scared that they are looking out for it to happen and hence then I feel nervous and kind of think that it’s about to happen, if that makes sense. Sometimes I think my body does kind of flinch a tiny bit in these situations, but I’m unsure if this is to do with being anxious or not? It’s kind of like I can feel it building up inside of me.

Just wondered if anyone else experiences this and knows of a way I could perhaps deal with it? At the moment I’m kind of reluctant to speak at times because of this.

Thank you! 

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