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Fear of getting seizure in public


i'm 16 years old girl and i've been on Lamictal for about 17 months now, ever since i was 13 i suffer from social anxiety and my confidence level is very low and i remember how i got my first ever seizure and it was in public. when i woke up random strangers were surrounding me and i was so scared. Whatsoever that's not the point, honestly my seizure it's not severe and the doctor doesn't have to rise up my dose because i'm only taking 15-25mg per day when everyone else is taking like 200mg? i don't know but i feel like i'm sensitive to it because right after i started my lamictal, i started gaining a lot of weight and i started getting rashed and all those kind of things all over my body, my back, my face, chest and every where even my scalps fall off and i remember going to the doctor but the doctor just said that it's normal. I guess for a teenager that's growing up with a social anxiety and a very low level of confidence, it is hard to go out in public without having the fear of getting seizure especially when i go to school.I avoid going to school or joining anything or even go out with my friends, since i got it i have only gotten out with my friends about 5 times and it was 2 years ago. i remember how i would hide myself in school because sometimes i would feel like i'm going to get seizure because everytime i get it i will lose my sight for a while and then i would just fall and get it. It's depressing to see myself this way, i'm so much better now i used to cry everynight on how i just want to be normal, i don't want to live with this. But it's just that i am so upset at the fact that i can't do a lot of things that normal teenagers can do, swimming and biking was my hobby but i had never done any of that since my seizure and people would treat me like i'm some special kid and nicely and all it's I don't know it stresses the hell out of me. I just want to feel normal at least




WelcomeI know what it is like

WelcomeI know what it is like having seizures in public. I did not come to and the people would be arround me. I had my seizures and would be in a convulsion and see them. The seizures I had would look like a grand mal seizure. Only diference was I did not lose conciousness. I saw heard and understood what was happening arround me. I heard friends say they didn't want to be arround me any more. I heard the person telling someone to get the nurse. I knew the person that put their jacket under my head. So we had different seizures. But both were in the public. I didn't let my epilepsy control what I was doing. Sure I might have a seizure now and then but I looked at it in a different way. The seizure is a space in time. My life is a longer period of time. Why stop the long period of time to keep the little space in time take over?  I was never the best looking or the smartest or the best athalete but most people aren't. I wasn't rich but I was rich with friends and knowledge. The knowledge I am talking about is not taken from a book. It is common sense. Use common sense and it will help you thru many obsticals you will have comming thru your life.Basically what I am saying is go out with your friends. They will help you get places and be with you. If you do have a seizure they should know what to do to help you. I told my friends what to do and they kept people away or told them I was going to be fine. You see I have more then 1 type of seizure and they knew what to do if I had any of them. I went to dances. football games and aything I wanted to see. Dates were a little different. Double dating still happens. Going out with others helps you deal with what other people might think. Let them know that yo may have a seizure now and then but you are just like other people that have a handicap. Inform them that they see people daily that have handicaps. People wearing glasses. hearing aids. diabetiesw and other handicaps. Inform them that your handicap can not be seen but it is there. Deal with your seizures as you would other things. Do you let having a seizure stop you from reading because you might drop the book when you have a seizure? Do you stop playing a game? What about talking to your friends?? You might have a seizure. However you might not have one. Seizures are blips in time. I'll take a life time of joys and being with friends over that little blip in time.You control what your life will be like!!!! Don't let your epilepsy and seizures control your life........................ I hopethis helps... But just know you are no aloneJoe please come back and let us know how things are going

hello, my name is Kimberly I

hello, my name is Kimberly I have had epilepsy since the age of 6. I am now 18 years old. i always felt the same exact way. i am self conscious, depressed, and have had much anxiety about my epilepsy because i was very afraid of having seizures in public and it destroying my life.  I lived much of my life hiding away in my room and not being very social i have my true friends who have stuck with me through everything. Don't be freaked out about going out with your friends and being who you want to be, if you have told them what happens to you and they know exactly what to do you should be fine. I once had a seizure outside at my bus stop i was very freaked out because it was my first in public, people were very understanding of me actually. One boy i knew but was not exactly friends with posted to my Facebook saying that he hopes i am okay and that things are fine and a complete stranger stopped on his way to work and went back to his house right down the street to get a towel for my head so i didn't hit the ground. Shockingly many people are some way connected to epilepsy weather it is a family member, friend, or spouse who has epilepsy.  Don't be afraid to be who you are, go out with your friends be happy, and live your life.  I lived much too long hidden in a shell and still do sometimes. Don't let it ruin your life.                                 I really hope some of this helps you and that you live your lifeMany people are here for you and want to help because we know what it is like.  

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your feelings with us and i'n so sorry what you have been through.[url=]Business Loans In Florida[/url]

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