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Do I need to stop playing this game? Seizures


Do I need to stop playing my game?

Okay, I got Hatsune Miku Project Diva F, it is a game from Japan translated to English. I have had petite mal my whole, ife but was diagnosed with it 4 years ago when I was 14. I take Clobazam 4 pills of that and 4 Lamotragine. They don't really work since I still get seizures.

Not sure if absence seizures are photosensitive or not, can someone tell me if they are? Flashing lights have never been a problem with me, my triger is sleep. I'm going to try wear glasses the next time I play and take breaks.

During EEGS I have never had a problem with the lights.

So, do I stop playing it? 

I brush the seizures off since my meds don't work 100 percent anyway. I had looked up and people said they have had seizures and don't have it.

What do I do?




There are many video games

There are many video games that have warnings on them. You may not have a problem with the lights in the EEG but that does not mean you might not with other lights. Yes there are other rays you can't see. Think can you see inferred light.You see only certain rays of light and yes yo umay have a problem but you don't know it or about it. Now You have epilepsy. You posted you have ptite mal seizures. Have you researched petite mal and seen the other kinds of seizures you can have? Petite mal seizures are the slightest but absence seizures are not the only seizures you may have. Now for yur medications and them not working..   Clobazam 4 pills of that and 4 Lamotragine   They don't really work since I still get seizures.  I would also sugegst you get the My Epilepsy Diary which is under the get hepl section. Put your mouse on get help up there ^^^ don't click but when things come up the diary will be on the right side the second down.  I sam tget that because it is a way to note everythig down. What the video it tells you what to do and how it can help. If you gicve your doctor permission to get into it he can pull up the information and look at the graphs There is a not pad in it so you can post what happened and when. With that information and seeing the number of seizures you had he can come up with medications dosages and proccedures that might get you seizure free I hope you take this the way it is intended and you get seizure free Joe

I have the same game as you

I have the same game as you and I was on the same medication as you. Since you passed the EEG fine I don't see how you could be photosensitive epileptic. But I'm not a doctor so what u am saying may directly imply to you.Do you feel like you're going to has a seizure when you're playing the game or not?But there are other things that can cause seizures like stress which was my case even though I actually didn't think I was stressed but my body was.

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