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Aura Feeling...


I was "technically" diagnosed with epilepsy almost two years ago. I say technically because my EEGs and MRIs came back with no detection of epilepsy yet I still had three seizures within a 4 month period. It was pretty hard to adjust but other than those three times nothing else was bothering me. Unfortunatley I'm having a problem with the "auras". I keep getting them and absolutely hate the feeling. It's like I'm stepping outside my body and observing what's going on around me while my head has this weird undescribable feeling going on. They don't occur too often but when they do it scares me so much that I think that makes the feeling worse and last longer. Is it possible that thinking about having an aura or being scared while having one can actaully cause one or make one last longer? I am on medication 2 times a day and still experience these, just wondering if anyone else has the same issue?






I suffered with this too. All

I suffered with this too. All my scans came back as normal but I kept getting these auras. Finally I was referred to a an actual neurologist as I had just turned 18. And she recommend me change my medication. And it helped.I understand about being scared. It used to happen to me on the bus and I mentally used to freak out like "what do I do? I'm going to have a fit" but my psychologist taught me a slight sort of mindfulness and it really helped. Basically what you do is close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Whether it's you stomach going on and out or the breath coming out through your nose. It really calmed me down and helped greatly!Is there some sort of time these auras happen? Mine used to happen between 1pm and 8pm. I told my doctor this and she changed my medication accordingly.I hope this helps! 

Just because your EEG's all

Just because your EEG's all came back normal it does not mean your diagnosis was wrong. All it takes is having 2 seizures. EEG's do find sizure activity in the brain. If found they know where to look at closer in the MRI.  The EEG.s can only a certain depth in the brain. If the activity is deeper the EEG will not pick it up. I had about 20 EEG's all came back normal. I fell asleep in another and bingo seizure activity was found in the left lobes of my brain. The neuroogists had already checked the neuro-angeogram (the MRI of the 1960's and by looking closer in that area they found scared brain tissue. You are one of many people who have epilepsy and their EEG's are normal. Do you know that epilepsy is more common than Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and strokes combined? Yet, little is said or writen about it, as many endure those symptoms in secret for fear of stigma. Auras are basically a seizure in itself 

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