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I'm Isabella I'm 14 (think I may be the youngest one here) Anyways, I was always really sensitive to medication and it wasn't really helping at all. So I started doing acupuncture and it really helped me. Soo if you are like me and medicine isn't working it's just maybe something to think about. :)


Hi Isabella Well to srate

Hi Isabella Well to srate with you may be young but I have seen posts from kids younger then you. Acupuncture and other procedurtes that can calm down the centnervious system can and do help people with many different ailmetns. Another thing would be yoga. If you cab handle nedications at all then if they are reducing the number of seizures you were having you need to be asking questions. Yes ask your neurologist questions. because if he just has his questions answered he may thnk everything else is fine with you. When I was your age I asked many questions and doc had to answer my questions. He had talked to Mom but when she wasn't in the room he got questions from me. Are these medications the best meds for me? Will they control all of my seizures? Are there other meds that can control my seizures better? I had a lot of other questiions too. I got some answered that visit. SOmw were answered at the next visit. I still ask my doc questions even tho I know I may never be seizure free. But with my questions Doc knows I want the number of seizures reduced. He also knows I want the time in the seizures reduced as well as the time to get back to normal. I hope this helps    

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