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Seizures happening alot


I'm reaching out because I feel I have no support. To make a long story short... I'm 36 and after having a couple of seizures growing up (which resulted in testing and medications though my Mom can't recall what), I have recently suffered three concussions in six months and perhaps correlated, a number of seizures. Sometimes I have seizures where I fall, lose control of my bladder and am fuzzy for hours or even a couple of days... Sometimes I have seizures where I don't lose bladder control but they still have a pretty significant impact on my awareness and fuzziness. I get this weird taste in my mouth that's metallic, my head hurts (and sometimes I am afraid someone has hit me when they haven't) I don't have an abusive home, and after the Seizures, I'm ALWAYS freezing cold no matter how warm the room supposedly is and my stomach ALWAYS hurts preceding the episode.

I finally reached out to family medicine. They stated they thought I was having both epileptic seizures and psychogenic Seizures due to my description, family history of seizures (mom's brother, my brother, me, mom) and referred me to a neurologist.

That was almost a month and a half ago. Since then I've had one ambulatory EEG that didn't record an episode. Because of that, ANOTHER Dr from family medicine wrote that it's indicating of psychogenic Seizures alone. This frustrated me because I have still not been able to see a neurologist and they've done ONE test.

It was so scary to come forward. I'm so scared to lose more of my autonomy than I already have as a result of the issues I'm having. And now it seems that I have to fight to be taken seriously and actually have a conversation with a Doctor about what's happening with me... I'm starting to feel crazy and I'm definitely regretting speaking up. Anyone else have this experience?


I am over 50 yrs old but I

I am over 50 yrs old but I remember the first times as a child trying to tell my doctors about the crazy feelings I had when those "funny feelings" came on.  I felt so foolish.  And then the doctor often went out afterward to speak privately with my mother like he had something about my mental condition to discuss I should not know about.  That really made me feel dumb.  But years later I met a doctor who seemed to feel like he had heard all this before.  It is common for persons with epilepsy to experience intense sensations that come and go with seizures.  I have a sour smell and taste that comes with my seizures.  This is caused by excess activity in the right temporal lobe.  A good doctor should understand this.  Go ahead and share everything that happens during the events.  I hope you get a doctor who will listen and take you seriously.You stated you had that ambulatory EEG.  Has any doctor performed an EEG on the outpatient level?  I had many EEG's as a child and always felt foolish that I never had a seizure during the test.  But later I learned it is not necessary for a patient to have a seizure during these outpatient EEG's.  Doctors use these EEG's to look for excess spikes that indicate a person is prone to have seizures to support their diagnosis.

In year 2004, I startedto

In year 2004, I startedto have convulsive seizures at my freshman years in the university. After mysecond convulsive seizures within 5 days after the first one, I had done theEEG test, and then was diagnosed with epilepsy. I still had so many seizureswithin a week with the AEDs. I had many side effects from the meds, lost myjobs, driver's license, and ability to focus on studies at school. I took yearsoff from the university. My neurologists told me he could not find what causethe seizures for me and it is dangerous many times because many seizures lastedmore than 5 minutes and had multiple seizures at a time waking up in anambulance or at the ER. I was only suggested surgical treatment to implant adevice to control my seizures, which I did not want to do at the time. So after3 years of trying AEDs, tests, following guidelines and advises from myneurologist, I tried to search for alternative treatment. I had taken differentapproach to control my seizures and finally after 6 months of alternativetreatment, I became AEDs free, and seizure free. My neurologists could notbelieve my seizure was controlled without AEDs, and without any surgical deviceimplantation. I asked him to sign release so my driver's license could bereinstated, but he told me he can not do it in short period of time. I wentback to see him again in 2010, almost 3 years after not taking any AEDs andwith no episode of seizures. After going through many exams thoroughly, hesigned a medical report for me to get my driver's license back. He told me hehad never seen anyone like me who had severe uncontrolled seizures becomingbetter in 6 months. He told me it is like a miracle. I had horrendous life withseizure. I know what people feel with seizures in their life. Sometimes I feltI was weak, and had so much frustration. I had no hope for better future at thetime. After the alternate treatment I had, I found hope and healthier me. It isnow 2019, and I am still seizure free, and meds free. I want to help people whohave similar issues. I had helped 2 other individuals who also had seizures formore than 20 years. I can not guarantee 100% effectiveness for all types ofseizures but when it works it works like magic. If you would like more info, let me know

Hi, That is so sad, when I

Hi, That is so sad, when I read this. I'm hoping you can see your way clear and get this under controlHave you tried CBD Oil as of yet?There's a lot of people that have had very positive results with CBD, but it's important that it is of a high quality. You're welcome to check out my site and I hope you find relief. 

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