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Seizure medication vs. CBD oil

I am 28 years old. I have been doing a little of research to find out what would be better, seizure medication or CBD oil. I had my first seizure when I was 22 years old. The doctor said that we did not need medication. All the test came back normal, no signs of seizure activity. I went two and half years without having one again. After this last set of seizures, we did more testing and everything came back normal. Because this was not the first seizure that I had, the doctor put me on medication. I have been on the medication for almost three years. Recently I asked my doctor to take me off the medication. My doctor has said if all the test come back normal we can take me off. I just want to know if CBD oil is better for someone that has seizures, but does not have a seizure disorder.


So a few things mdery25. You

So a few things mdery25. You said you had your first seizure at 22 and that about two-and-a-half years later you had another. I notice you also said "After the last set of seizures..." So here is my question. Did your doctor say why he or she feels you don't have a seizure disorder?I don't know all of the specifics. That's between you and your doctor. That said, it is not unusual for individuals with Epilepsy to do all of the tests and they all come back normal; tests meaning MRIs; EEGs, etc.This his why I am a bit confused with what you have written. Don't get me wrong. I don't know anything about CBD oil in terms of how it works on patients if it is the sole means of tending to the seizures. I just find it odd that a doctor could look at the MRIs and EEGs and just because they are normal conclude that the individual, to quote you; "has seizures but does not have a seizure disorder." It is a fact that some individuals who have seizures don't have Epilepsy. I think they refer to those seizures using a different term. That said, I hope your doctor has ample evidence that makes him or her feel that he or she could just do away with the medication and make CBD oil the replacement. If that is the plan then my advice to you is to speak with your neurologist about a back-up plan just in case. Not just that, but how you are going to go about getting rid of the medication; the strategy; the timeline; the dose you'll start with in terms of lowering the meds. I really do hope this is a conversation you will have with your neurologist. Best Regards

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