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My Story

I had my first seizure in Kindergarten when I was 6 years old and I was diagnosed with epilepsy a little later that year; at the time I was having about 50 seizures a day including the seizures I had during sleep. I had my first brain surgery shortly after I was diagnosed, and for 5 years following the surgery, I was seizure-free. Roughly around the time that I started Middle School, my seizures came back. Since then I have had periods as long as a few years during which I did not have a seizure, but for most of my life, I have been having seizures consistently. Within the past year there have been days where I had 20 – 30 seizures, there have been days where I had 2 or 3, and there have been days where I did not have any seizures. Now I have scheduled my second major brain surgery with the hope that I can achieve full seizure freedom, a goal that is difficult and elusive but my team is confident, within reason, that we can achieve or get close to this goal. I have never been able to fully control my seizures. Despite all this, I went to college, studied in Ireland, backpacked through Europe and Southeast Asia on my own, held/hold a full-time job, I have lived on my own, I go out with my friends and probably stay out too late. That's my story, I hope that some way, some how it helps someone out there.


Your story just made me cry..

Your story just made me cry... My heart goes out to you and I hope that you can one day become seizure free. I can't imagine having so many in one day, it must be exhausting

Thank you for sharing! You

Thank you for sharing! You are a strong and brave person who gives me some hope for my daughter who was just diagnosed with Epilepsy last week. You give me some hope for my daughter who will be able to enjoy life and capable doing things she wants in the future. 

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