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Hi everyone, for the past three years, every 6 months or so my husband (45) would have an episode lasting a few hours where he would be completely disoriented, confused, no memory of the past 6 months-year. Often with this he would have weird tastes/smells and a dejavu feeling. The first few times I took him to the hospital where he he’d MRI, CAT scans EEGs and they would find nothing! They ruled out stroke, seizure and the rest. The only proposed diagnosis they we’re lefy with was aura migraine! Well, yesterday he had another episode. Same symptoms as before. I stopped taking him to the hospital because there was no use. But this time, all of the sudden he became very agitated and paranoid (just for. Couple of minutes) and then the seizure came. Full body. So scary. I thought he was going to die. It ended a couple of minutes later and we got him to the hospital. Again, they gave him MRI, cat scans and found nothing! They put him on anti seizure meds and to follow up with neurologist. I have a couple of questions. Has anyone had the disorientation spells because the doctors are still stumped by those. Also, he has been a heavy (and I mean heavy) pot smoker for 25 years. Every day, most of the day. The only correlation I can find between heavy pot smoking and seizure is anecdotal. I’m curious about people’s experience.

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