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Hi, well i just wanted to share my experience with epilepsy i hope this can help or entretain someone, im 26 now and i had my first seizure at 23 so i been dealing with random seizures for the last 3 years, it has been really hard, my whole world went to hell, i got very depressed, and the medication wasn't really helping at all the first medication i got prescribed was "KEPPRA" and based on my experience im so sorry for all of you guys taking it, i hardly remember anything about my life while i was taking it, i have this sensation of living on a nightmare, i remember lots of "déjà vus" after a while they switch my medication to "Depakote" its hard to beat seizures when the medication its a big part of the problem, stress and bad mood are my main triggers, pretty much the side effects of the medication, i felt hopeless, i can see how i was pushing my loved ones and friends away with my attitude but at the same time i couldn't do anything about it, i couldn't control it, was deep in depression, have you ever feel like giving up? Well i did lots of times but thanks to my loved ones i managed to keep fighting. I smoked marijuana for over a year, and it did help to keep me motivated a bit happier, i forgot to mention that i was having seizures once in a while in during that time, doctors put me in to deep monitoring for 5 days at rhe hospital, so they got a better idea of my problem, i been taking "OXCARBAZEPINE" for almost 1 year and those negative bives are getting weaker. It has been 4 months since my last seizure and for the first time im feeling positive.


Hi Moisesmoy, Thanks for

Hi Moisesmoy, Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on being 4 months seizure free, that’s wonderful!  It’s important that those who are living with epilepsy follow-up with their healthcare providers to determine what individual treatment plan is best for them. To learn more about medical marijuana please visit,  It is common for those living with epilepsy to experiences feelings of depression and anxiety.’s important to recognize that epilepsy is more than just seizures, your emotional health,  and over all wellbeing is just as important, Sometimes it's helpful to connect with other people who live with epilepsy,  to ask questions, share experiences, find & give support to each other, by contacting your local Epilepsy Foundation at,,  to find support groups,events, and programs in your community. Additionally our Epilepsy and Seizures 24/7 Helpline: 1-800-332-1000,  , , can assist in connecting you to resources, provide referrals and additional support.

Yup sounds like the big

Yup sounds like the big pharma doing a horrible job. The doctors lie about your condition and will do trial and error with the medication since they dont know what they are doing. Be careful with those neurologistsince they dont know what they are doi g

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