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My name is Zach Brien. I have lived with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy for roughly 10-and-a-half years. It has certainly changed a lot of aspects of my life, as living with epilepsy does. I am a photojournalism graduate student at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. I am trying to turn my condition into a beat I can follow. From September to December of last year, I documented the life of someone living with drug-resistant epilepsy.

I am looking to continue this beat, as I do not see any photojournalists covering this issue and I can relate to it personally. I was reading some statistics and I saw how financially destabilizing our condition could be. I was wondering if any of you here live in the D.C. area and know someone who is affected in this manner. Thank you for your time. Thank you much.

Zach Brien


I've have had myoclonic

I've have had myoclonic epilepsy events over the last 30 years.   Fortunately, each and every time I  had a myoclonic seizure, I was able to pinpoint the root cause and, thus, I simply steered away from those trigger factors. Epilepsy is very complex.  What triggers my myoclonic seizures may or may not trigger yours, though, for me, the common factor has been Calcium Carbonate.  Each and every event/item below contains calcium carbonate and, in some cases, contains extremely minute levels which still resulted in 3-4 hours of relentless nocturnal myoclonic seizures:1989 - Mortar Mix 2001 - Mortar Mix2012 - Mortar Mix2015 - Cat Litter2018 - Latex Paint2019 - Latex Gloves2019 - Nitrile GlovesCalcium is vital for strong, healthy bones.  Carbohydrates is needed for energy.   And, calcium carbonate is found in many meals that we eat.What I have found to remedy my myoclonic seizures is a variation of the Keto Diet whereby, I have had to reduced my calcium intake and then alternate my calcium intake versus my carbs intake day by day, depending what I (my body) craves for.  It's a balancing act just to avoid the 100% certainty of having multi- myoclonic seizures while I'm trying to fall asleep at night.  For an Epileptic, there's a constant I versus Body factor which a non-epileptic will never understand.My husband of 22 years can attest to my myoclonic seizures, what non-food elements has triggered them, and dietary changes that I have had to make to avoid them.Once again, Epilepsy is very complex.  What triggers my myoclonic seizures may or may not trigger yours.



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