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14yr Old 1st Seizure

My daughter just turned 14 and had her 1st seizure last month . The MRI shows she has cortical dyspasia which they have told us is a abnormally from utero .and they are suprised this is the first time she has had a seizure . she was a premie born 10 weeks early . she has no development delays or any signs until that day . she had the flu and was u p all night at a t girl scout event which we do often . she had been 4 days off tami flu . they have put her on keppra 500 twice daily and she seems to have some word recall issues . she is a figure skater as well and has shown small signs of physical delay as well. I am absolutely terrified .she says she wants things to go back to normal . I can not seem to let go at all. Do any of you have any experience ?


cortical dysplasia 

cortical dysplasia 

I just read the other day

I just read the other day that sometimes seizures due to cortical dysplasia can appear as late as adulthood. But sometimes they are just guessing about the cause and they’re wrong - docs assumed our child’s seizures were due to damage from a different neuro condition but years later it became clear that she has a genetic form of epilepsy (good chance of growing out of them so that was more hopeful).

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