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Study on relationship of food/thyroid to epilepsy

So I was looking up info on the relationship between the thyroid and epilepsy or thyroid issues vs epilepsy and came across this very interesting study that talks about people who consumed larger amounts of goitrogenic substances found naturally in plants like cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts and other bitter plants...

I found it interesting because I was totally the kid who loved all those "gross" to many people, strong tasting veggies. I like strong tasting food in general - spicy food, vinegar, horse raddish, etc.

so, all this to say - try to read this study - it is somewhat "medical" in how it is written but I am interested in if others feel they fall into this catagory as well. Their basic theory is that they believe many epileptic patients have E because goitrogenic substances are thyroid inhibitors and have caused longterm damage to our thyroids at a young age. Their study was done on 400 epileptic patients!

here's the link:


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