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Products linked to Epilepsy research?

I have been looking for specific jewelry, such as a bracelet, that I could buy to benefit ongoing research for epilepsy.  I don't seem to be able to find anything and I would love to attach my med alert charm for epilepsy onto such a bracelet.  I figure, if I'm going to have to buy a bracelet, why not buy one that benefits research into the disorder that affects me!  For instance, the breast cancer movement has a lot of jewelry made to benefit their cause...

If there is such a product, it should be linked to this website.  That would make it a lot easier for folks to donate to our cause.  If anyone knows if there is a product linked to epilepsy research funding, post it here!  Thanks!


Re: Products linked to Epilepsy research?

Hi Seakats.

What a wonderful idea. We've actually thought about this. I checked with our Director and we're not able to do this at this time. HOWEVER, if you purchase your charm bracelet (as well as a ton of other things that we all buy) through our shopping mall ( then we do get a percentage of what you spend donated to our organization for research. In fact, I did a search on charm bracelets and found 4 different vendors in our shopping mall that we would receive a benefit from you purchasing from one of them (

The shopping mall has not only tangible items like bracelets, books, clothes, and more but also services like legal help where we get a percentage donated to our organization to support research. So if everyone were to try looking for their favorite items that they shop online for first through the shopping mall, we could definitely benefit research. Whether you're shopping for clothes, phone service, legal help, office supplies, flowers, pet supplies, technology products, etc. you are helping our cause by starting your search in our shopping mall.

I hope this is helpful.

:o) Karen webmaster

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