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Helmet for indigent adult with seizure disorder

     I am trying to find a durable helmet for an adult with a seizure disorder that can not afford $100 for a hockey helmet with a full face cage (he needs full head coverage, and I am basing the price on what I have seen on eBay, and $140 MSRP). 


     He does not have any insurance coverage that will cover the cost of it.  I would like to find help for him, but I am a disabled volunteer chaplain, that can not afford such an expense and I just do not know what to do.


     He has "blacked out" and has had concussions to both the front and the back of his head (from when he has had a seizure, and fallen either forward or backward).  So full head protection is needed.


     Color is not a "major issue", but if it matters, his favorite color is "Burgundy"/"wine"/"maroon", but something like black or blue would be just as good (anything to prevent him from getting "black and blue" marks on his skull.  The size he needs is XL or XXL depending on how they run.


     I did not know where to go, so I decided to come here.  Hopefully someone can help.  With some sort of helmet that will protect his head.


God Bless,




Re: Helmet for indigent adult with seizure disorder

My husband suggested that a football helmet might work better.  Here is the only link I could find:

Full cut helmet with face guard 

Adjustable catcher's helmet

Catcher Helmet-Adult - Scarlet - Adult size 7 to 7-5/8.

Batting Helmet with Attached Face Mask - One size fits most -

CoolFlo Bat Helmet w/ Mask - One size fits all (6 1/2 - 7 1/2) -

Another idea is to call The National Football League and explain your story and ask if they will donate a helmet: Address: 280 Park Ave.New York, NY 10017   Phone: (212) 450-2000    Fax: (212) 681-7573

Or call The National Hockey League 1185 Avenue of the Americas,  12th Fl.   New York, NY  10020   Phone: 212-789-2000   Fax: 212-789-2020

Good luck and lket me know how you do!     Phylis Feiner Johnson

Re: Helmet for indigent adult with seizure disorder

Dear Phylis,


     I have just writen via "contact us", the NHL.  I also contacted the Executive Vice-President of the NFL, and hopefully one or the other can help.  If I hear anything, I will let you know.


 God Bless,




PS:  The Georgia Bulldogs helmet is a "minature replica" helmet (not for wearing), that is why the price is so low).  I am hoping that I have luck.  I want something that looks "nice", so many of the "foam" epilepsy type helmets are just plain ugly (functional, but ugly).  But even  those are expensive.  So something that looks decent, and offers all of the protection, are a bonus.

Re: Helmet for indigent adult with seizure disorder

Well, I can't say these are beautiful, that's for sure.  And there wasn't much in burgundy.  Hopefully, you'll do better -- for FREE -- with the NFL or the NHL.  (I'm sure they have helmets galore to spare.  It's just a matter of getting through to the right person.)


Phylis Feiner Johnson

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