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Found: Epilepsy Mouth Guards


Re: Found: Epilepsy Mouth Guards

My Epileptologist suggested a mouth guard for my mouth. 

It is partially covered by some dental plans.  My dentist told me that an attachment could be placed so I would not need a cpap.

 I had a sleep apnea test to verify if I still needed it and now I do not need an attachment.  In the long run it is great!  You have less to take with you when you travel.

 Mouth guard at night is great if you have seizures when you sleep!

You can purchase it in the store.  I kept finding the wrong size.  Either in size or comfort.

The one made for me is great!

Re: Found: Epilepsy Mouth Guards

No one . . . I repeat . . . NO ONE needs anything placed or "crammed" inside their mouth during a seizure. Think about this. If someone has a mouth guard inside their mouth, laying on their side, has a seizure while sleeping, then that “mouth guard” is going to be like a dam. The build-up of saliva and blood (if the tongue or inner cheek has been cut) may be “obstructed by the mouth guard”. This may result into the person “drowning by inhaling what was confined inside their mouth". Even when a person has a seizure while sleeping on their back; if someone else helps the person by turning them onto their side, it will be more difficult and take longer for what may have accumulated to drain out because the mouth guard is going to be like a dam. If someone is choking on anything accidentally inhaled or lodged inside their throat, would you want a “mouth guard” obstructing the release of what the person is choking on? What part of Do not put anything in the person's mouth” do people not understand?

Bruce. *I'm not a doctor, but the information I share is what I've learned and experienced due to having epilepsy myself.

Re: Found: Epilepsy Mouth Guards

You obviously haven't gone through a gran mal in your sleep. When people with epilepsy are talking about mouth guards, it's usually those that have seizures while they are sleeping. I for one have nocturnal seizures and without a mouthguard, it completely butcher my tongue. To a point where it can take 2 weeks to heal w/o being able to eat or talk. Anyone that happens to, a mouthguard is DEFINTIELY the right choice. This is coming from someone that uses one AND someone whose mutiple doctors recommend the mouthguards. Thanks for your opinion because you are right that nobody should stick anything in someones mouth during a seizure, but if it's to sleep in, please use one or your tongue will get TORE UP! Ps. try having your dentist make one specially for you so that its stuck to your teeth and you don't spit it out on accident. Much love~

Re: Found: Epilepsy Mouth Guards

hi my name is taffie37 I would like to know where you got your mouth guard from are was it specially made by your dentist????

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